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F.T. Island’s youngest member Minhwan has made it Insta-official – he’ll be getting married to former LABOUM member Yulhee. 

The news arrived 4 months after the K-pop idols were confirmed to be dating. 



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The 25-year-old posted an image of the ocean on Instagram, with a caption in Korean (translation via Metro): 

“Hello, this is Choi Minhwan. I wanted to tell you first, officially. 

I’ve come to a decision to reveal my heart after a long time of thinking and worrying, wondering how you all will take this news. We had a lot of ups and downs, but after confirming my love with my girlfriend through our trust and reliance on each other, we plan on bearing the fruit of this relationship. ‘After coming to such a huge life decision as marriage, I was thankful for the congratulations I received from so many people around me. I was able to feel how many thankful people I’m surrounded by, once again.’ The Love Letter singer continued: ‘When I told my band members, whom I’ve been like a family with all this time since our debut, they congratulated me genuinely, and our bond grew stronger as we were able to discuss a different future with one another.


‘I don’t know how to repay you.. but I want to show my heart full of thanks to those of you who have become an existence I am thankful for in my life. I will never forget my thankfulness toward you, who have walked with me all this time for over 10 years. ‘I will repay you with great effort and with sincerity through music, where I stand right here, right now. Thank you so much.”


They are the latest in the slew of Korean celebs who have announced their wedding in recent months- BIGBANG’s Taeyang & actress Min Hyo Rin have just confirmed their wedding date