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For the March 2019 issue of Her World Brides, we’ve got beauty and fashion digital content creator Yeoh Mong Chin of @mongabong on the cover with her newly-minted husband, investment banker Matthias Lim, 27.

We’ve previously shared part one of the interview here, so read on for the rest of the interview we did with them during the shoot! 

Gown and suit: Divine Couture

How are the plans for your wedding coming along?

Pretty ok! I’m a very chill bride so I believe that it’ll all fall into place when the time comes.

What kind of bridal look are you going with? 

Classy, classic, dainty.

Tell us about some of the wedding and bridal partners you’re working with.

Bobby Kiran Yeo is my pre-wedding photographer – we shot our pictures in Melbourne and he’s really talented.

Together with Wei Xiang, our videographer from @linstudios, the team worked very well together. I love that they understand my preferences and my ideas, and are able to deliver results just the way I envisioned.

Gown: Bow & Petal, Suit: Divine Couture 

And your gowns? We are definitely looking forward to your bridal look! 

I first got to know of Divine Couture when I did a poll on Instagram asking my followers to recommend me some bridal boutiques. And Divine Couture was one of the top three recommended places.

I fell in love with the gowns when I visited the boutique. Divine Couture’s founder, Kim, is also really nice and it’s been a joy working with her.

My second gown is from Truly Enamoured. Growing up, my dream was to wear a Berta wedding gown on my wedding day, and I found a Berta gown there! The boutique carries a ton of other designer gowns and they’re all super pretty.

The venue is one of the most important decision for a wedding, how did you decide on yours?

I chose Pan Pacific Singapore as the venue for my wedding dinner banquet, because it has one of the best Chinese wedding menus.  

Gown: Bow & Petal, Suit: Groom’s own

Wedding aside, how have you and your fiance been preparing yourselves for marriage?

We’ve been going for marriage preparation sessions at our church for the past two years, even before we got engaged.

How do you work out your differences? 

After seven years together, we have learnt to iron out our differences or work around them. We hardly argue these days anymore, because we know each other’s trigger points and we try not to go there.

But, where there are disagreements, communication is really important.

We make it a point to talk it out before we end the night. We have a rule to never go to bed angry and I’m proud to say that we’ve kept to it.

Gown: Silhouette the Atelier, Suit: Groom’s own

What’s the most important piece of advice you have for being in a long-term relationship?

Always listen and communicate with each other, and solve any issue or problem together.

Sweeping them under the carpet may be a short-term solution, but they will eventually resurface. So it’s best to face the issues when they happen and deal with them promptly. 


Watch: Behind-the-scenes with Mongchin Yeoh & Matthias Lim: 


Photography Joel Low

Styling Steve Thio,

Assisted by Tsoi Fong Wing & Melissa Spenniger

Hair Greg O (hp: 9826-2681), using Keune sg

Makeup TG Goh (hp: 9616-2775), using Estee Lauder

Gowns: Silhouette the Atelier 

Videography Dan Ng

Florist @lioraflorals

Jewellery Forevermark, available at Lee Hwa Jewellery boutiques