When it comes to popping the question, one has to keep his or her significant other’s interests in mind. For instance, if she prefers something more intimate and less public, a proposal at home over a nice, romantic dinner will suffice. If she likes a big production that includes a huge bouquet of 100 roses and a huge party at a posh venue, then you should look in that direction.

British art director Jason Shoffman clearly kept his girlfriend’s interests in mind when planning the ultimate proposal.

Photo reproduced with permission of Jason Shoffman.

Knowing her love for Disney movies (Shoffman’s partner, Simone Golumb turns to them whenever she misses her home of Glasgow, Scotland), the modern day Romeo conjured an elaborate proposal worthy of a Disney princess. How elaborate, you ask? The entire production – a fake Disney art exhibition that featured posters of the couple in Disney movies – took three months to conceptualise and realise.

See all the photos and posters, as well as full video clip in the link here.

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