How did you meet?

Choo Kiat and I met during a university exchange programme in Maastricht, Netherlands. We were friends then, but it is still a favourite time in our lives.

We went from being just friends to business partners and then life partners after we started Lola’s Cafe together. 

What I really like about our relationship is that we have learnt to make decisions in all aspects of our lives together.

We went from being just friends to business partners and then life partners. There’s truly no one else we would rather share this adventure with.

“During our vow exchange, all the nitty-gritty processes of the day fell away. It became crystal clear in that moment that I was marrying the man I would spend an eternity with.” 

Share with us your wedding theme and celebration!

We had one for our immediate and extended families, as well as employees, and another for just friends and immediate families.

Both were small scale and intimate, so we could interact with everyone.

With the first group, we knew they would be happiest with good Chinese food. Empress proved to be elegant, modern and intimate.

To add a personal touch, we had a friend to sing during dinner, and set up an oriental-themed dessert table.

The welcome table for their dinner at Empress. 

The couple made the desserts and drinks for their dinner at Empress.

“We may not have the same working style and decision-making process, but I love that our values, outlook and life goals are so aligned.”

Tell us about your second celebration.

Our other dinner was at one of our cafes: On The Table.

Food is a big part of our lives, and as we’ve always enjoyed hosting and cooking for friends, we put together our own wedding meal based on dishes and cuisines that hold a lot of memories and emotions for us. 

We borrowed gorgeous long tables, chairs and benches from our regular furniture vendor, Second Charm. 

Choo Kiat’s sister Shu Min, who runs Meadows & Clouds, did a wonderful job of decorating both venues with flowers and foliage. I think we successfully pulled off the rustic yet romantic ambience we were after.

June tailored her low-back wedding gown that was light and easy to move in. Choo Kiat went with a navy suit from Edit Suits Co. and a polka-dot tie and socks.

Wooden elements and simple foliage arrangements complemented On The Table’s rustic and industrial ambience.

“I wanted something a little different for my bouquets, so I kept them simple and elegant.”

“We thought it would be a fantastic story to tell our kids: ‘Your parents cooked their own wedding meal’.”

Their menu was a fusion of dishes and cuisines they both love. 

June baked both her wedding cakes. “They were made entirely of natural ingredients, with colours achieved through fruit extracts.” 

How did you feel after the wedding? 

The celebrations were memorable, and so was the process of preparing for them.

It was tough and stressful at times, but the satisfaction we got from seeing our guests enjoy themselves was priceless. 

Wedding Checklist

Chinese dinner: Empress at Asian Civilisations Museum (6776-0777); second dinner party: On The Table (6750-4740)

Gown: Seamstress Kim (9647-8146); suit: Edit Suits Co. (

Hair & makeup
Candy T. (8727-7785)

Bittersweet Photography (

Kompactfaen (

Meadows & Clouds (

Empress: 1011 Production (; On The Table: 8_dec (

Cakes & desserts
Lola’s Cafe (6284-0349)

Special Thanks to
Second Charm for lending us the furniture.