How did you meet?

It was a fortunate mistake that led to us meeting during orientation when we were at university. I sat in the wrong row and ended up joining Karen’s group. Sparks flew, and nearly 10 years have passed since then.

What was your proposal like? 

I proposed to Karen during a trip our families took to Switzerland. We are all really close and get along well, so I felt that it was only right to propose in front of our loved ones. My original plan had been to ask for her hand at the top of the mountain, but it was too crowded and foggy.

While I was coming up with plan B, our families managed to secure a cable car cabin that we then had to ourselves. It felt like a private room in the Swiss Alps, and I decided there and then to propose to Karen. 

Share with us your wedding theme and celebration! 

We had a full day of events, with no more than 250 guests for both our church and dinner celebrations respectively. Everyone knew one another.

Given the distinctive features of our venues, we did not want an elaborate theme that would overwhelm the space, so we decided on a rustic theme with a classy palette of green, white and gold.

We liked the idea of a big wedding entourage of “brothers and sisters”, so we had nine on each side. It was not easy to arrange meet-ups with such a big group, but we were fortunate to have very supportive friends. They even flew with us to Santorini to join our pre-wedding shoot!

For our second walk-in, they amazed us with a choreographed dance entrance that really entertained our guests. We are thankful that they were so sporting throughout.

Guests received customised spectacle pouches. 

Matching royal blue pleated dresses and sunnies for the bridesmaids!

The bride wore a gorgeous mermaid-cut gown with intricate lace detailing. 

“Karen looked stunning that day, and she is undoubtedly the woman of my dreams.”

“Knowing that Kelvin was waiting for me at the altar gave me a strong sense of security and comfort,” says Karen. 

What were some of the highlights? 

Other highlights of the wedding included our customised spectacle pouches as gifts to our guests – Karen’s family is in the optical trade; rave reviews about the food served by Phin’s Catering; the long queues for our Froyo vendor, Yoguru – we heard that one guest had six servings; and, of course, the moment we first saw each other on the day. 

Gold accents and white and green floral arrangements headlined the reception decor.

Tall, clear acrylic flower stands gave the classic table settings a contemporary touch. 

“We chose to have a three-tier cake and a large single-tier cake so that all our guests could get a slice.”

Karen changed into a made-to-measure blush-hued evening gown by Amanda Lee for their dinner dance-in.

“Our friends were still talking about our wedding weeks afterwards.”    

Any wedding planning and budget tips? 

Having a supportive partner, an enthusiastic band of friends, and the help of our families made our day a smooth one. Time passed so quickly, we wished we had more time to connect with our guests.

Most venues provide florist partners, but ensure that when you opt out of certain items, they replace them with something of equal or higher value. DIY and going a la carte might be cheaper than buying packages. Lastly, you can save on extra costs by reusing your flowers and decor items. 

Wedding Checklist

Solemnisation: Glory Presbyterian Church (6469-4761); dinner: The Clifford Pier (6597-5266)

Gowns: Amanda Lee Weddings (; suits: Amanda Lee Weddings and Ermenegildo Zegna (

Hair & makeup
Jyue Huey from The Make Up Room (

Yu Hsin from Tinydot Photography (

Substance Films (

Wedding Stylist
Wulala! (

Flowers (

Cakes & desserts
Cakes: Sarah’s Loft (; desserts: Cupplets (

Phin’s Catering Services (

Froyo Station
Yoguru (

Srsly Photobooth (

Special thanks to
Our awesome entourage of groomsmen and bridesmaids – thank you for helping us to coordinate the whole wedding, and putting in extra effort to dance and hype up the crowd before our entrance! Love you all always!