Celebrity couple Julian Cheung and Anita Yuen were filming Love Journey 2.

It is rare to see couple showing their real feelings during a television show, reports Asian E-News Portal.


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The latest episode discussed about life and death and Anita ordered her husband:

“It is very important and I do not want to see my loved ones leave earlier than me. You must die later than me and take care of your health.”

Julian was going to scream upon hearing it and many netizens commented that they felt like crying.

The 10 minutes video clip was uploaded online and it exceeded million views within 1 day.”

Julian is currently filming a movie in Mainland China and expressed during the telephone interview: “I do not dare to watch it as afraid to shout.

“The theme was about the things you will do if given 24 hours and the organisation committee told me to arrange 10 tasks and I needed to do 8 tasks with my wife.

“The most memorable was we needed to draw pictures of each other and I felt it was very meaningful.

“Perhaps the scene was too long and cut as a result. It is a pity.”

During the show, Julian gave flowers to Anita and guided her to walk.

He was worried about her life expense before death and Anita’s tears begun to stream down on her face.

In addition, Julian will be holding his concert on his birthday, 27 August in Shanghai and celebrating with the fans.

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