Photography: Joel Low Photography Art direction: Steve Thio Styling: Michelle Lee, assisted by Ariel Ho Hair: Grego Oh Location: This Flower Haus

The truth is, there’s always going to be something about our other halves that gets to us, be it their penchant for hoarding or that they take forever to get ready to leave the house. 

On the set of our cover shoot, we got beauty Youtuber, makeup artist and entrepreneur Tina Yong and her fiance as well as business partner Alfred Tran to dish on what gets on the other’s nerves – from Tina’s boxes of makeup products lying around the house, to Alfred’s gaming habits and tendency to not share (food). 

But it’s not all bad – the two also reveal the most endearing things they love about each other (“he’s super handsome and he’s really into finance”). 

Watch the video below.


An intimate wedding in Singapore is on the cards for the pair, who moved here from Australia. (They also shared with us more about how they met, on managing their relationship in the limelight, as well as their wedding plans.)

“We’ve been living here for two years and we love the country, so it would be nice to have our friends and family come over. We need to lock in a venue first. Next is finding the dress, photographers, videographers and, most importantly, an after-party location,” says Tina.

Not surprisingly, the makeup artist, who tells us she’s an easy-going bride, will be doing her own makeup. “I’m going for a soft, glam look focusing on the eyes with warm brown eyeshadows and natural-looking lashes from my brand Petite Cosmetics.”

“As for my dress, I want a simple A-line style. It shouldn’t be too heavy because I want to be comfortable. For the wedding decor, I really like the rustic boho look; cosy and intimate.” 

For Alfred, settling on a venue, his outfit and photographers top his priority list. Ultimately, though, it’s about celebrating the day with loved ones, friends and ensuring everyone has a great time.”


Tina and Alfred appear on the cover of Her World Brides’ December 2019 issue, out now on newsstands!