Tina and Alfred cosy up for our shoot amidst the beautiful settings of This Flower Haus by Poppy Flora Studio. Photo: Her World Brides. Photography: Joel Low Photography
“We met at a bar in Sydney.”

It’s the classic “how we met” story. Nearly four years later, Tina Yong and Alfred Tran aren’t just happily engaged, but also working together. She has a successful Youtube channel with 2.88 million subscribers at the time of writing, and is one of the most recognisable beauty influencers, while Alfred helps manage her channel and online business from behind – and sometimes, in front of – the camera.

Back to the couple’s first encounter. “We were both at the bar for a birthday party and had mutual friends. I remember seeing her for the first time and deciding that I must talk to her even though I’m usually very shy,” Alfred tells us.

“I also remember noting how beautiful she was and being surprised that I hadn’t seen her around before then because the Sydney Asian community is so small. She was really confident, attractive and funny.” 

Tina recalls: “My friend spotted Alfred first. He was the tallest guy at the bar and she ran to me saying, ‘I just saw the perfect guy for you!’ Later that night, Alfred started speaking to me and my first impression was that he was super tall, handsome and really easy to talk to.

I thought he was very confident because he approached me first, but it turns out that he’d already had a few drinks by then. Haha. Ever since then, we have been inseparable.”
Photo: Her World Brides. Photography: Joel Low Photography

It didn’t take long for the two to realise that they were made for each other. “I knew pretty early in the relationship that Alfred was the one for me. Our relationship is different from any of my previous ones. It feels easy and uncomplicated, and our values and goals are aligned.”

When they first met in 2016, Tina was still freelancing as a makeup artist and creating Youtube videos as a side hobby while Alfred had a career in finance. “During our first year of dating, my Youtube channel took off and I decided to focus on creating content.”


I knew Tina was the one when I realised she wasn’t just someone I could live with – but someone I couldn’t live without. She literally ticked all my soulmate checkboxes.” – Alfred

“Alfred took a huge leap of faith and quit his finance job to support my dream by helping me with my Youtube channel and online business. It was risky at that time because we didn’t know whether it would be a success or not, but Alfred was always super supportive and kept me going.
We’ve been working together ever since and it’s been amazing. We get to hang out everyday, travel the world, create content and work with some of my favourite brands. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better partner.”

For Alfred, the answer was clear when “I realised she wasn’t just someone I could live with – but someone I couldn’t live without. She literally ticked all my soulmate checkboxes.”

On May 15, 2019, Alfred got down on bended knee with a beautiful, pear-shaped moissanite ring in a halo setting.
We were in a Pier One Sydney Harbour hotel room with a balcony that looked out onto the glittering waters, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Luna Park.

“I actually got the ring months before the proposal and was waiting for the right time,” he reveals. “I decided to propose in Sydney because I wanted it to be near our loved ones.
I tricked Tina into believing she was going to an event at Pier One, so she was really confused when she came through the door and saw pictures of us. Her eyes lit up when she saw me waiting beneath the fairy lights, holding flowers and our dog Koko on the balcony deck.”

Has being in the spotlight affected their relationship? “It is certainly different with Tina being in the public eye, but I wouldn’t say it’s difficult. Our relationship requires the same type of love and communication from each other, and we face the same challenges as other couples do,” says Alfred. (Read: ( 7 communication tips that will strengthen your marriage)

“I’m usually a very private person, but I have been able to open up since being with Tina. It’s also really sweet when followers message us with support for our relationship. I actually don’t mind it.”
Photo: Her World Brides. Photography: Joel Low Photography
Tina, on the other hand, was more comfortable with their relationship being in the open from the get-go. “I’m quite open when it comes to my life and I enjoy sharing my experiences with followers.
Many have been with me since the beginning, so it feels like I’m sharing these special moments with friends. However, it can get overwhelming sometimes because our work is so fast-paced and we spend a lot of time working. Still, we always find time to unwind and enjoy each other’s company.”

So what is one thing that only the other knows and loves?

Tina reveals, “Alfred is a big softie at heart. He enjoys watching rom-coms with me. I love our lazy weekends when we just stay in and binge-watch TV shows.” (Also read: 10 fun date ideas for homebody couples)
“Tina is a really good singer. She can belt out a really beautiful rendition of Sam Smith’s Dancing With A Stranger while cleaning!” Alfred discloses.

“A marriage means coming together to create a lifelong team,” Tina says. To Alfred, “it means uniting as one and, hopefully, starting a family one day.”

“Love each other for who we are, motivate each other to become better versions of ourselves, and cherish every moment together,” the couple share.
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Photo: Her World Brides. Photography: Joel Low Photography

This story was originally published in Her World Brides December 2019.