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Dubbed one of Taiwan’s “Golden Leftover Women” at actress Ruby Lin’s wedding in July 2016 along with actress Shu Qi (who has since announced her marriage to Hong Kong actor-director Stephen Fung in September 2016), model-actress Lin Chi-ling, 42, has since found herself part of several marriage rumours, especially when she admitted to formerly being in a relationship with F4’s Jerry Yan.

Chi-ling herself admitted to the media that she has been keeping in touch with Jerry, but has denied rumours of a reconciliation with the actor, and a secret marriage.

According to Malaysian Chinese newspaper See Hua, Chi-ling and Jerry denied rumours of their marriage registration on Jan 1, 2017. The actor turned 40 on the same day.

In response, the couple denied the reports in jest. “If the rumours were true, I’d definitely be the first to know!” said Chi-ling. 

Jerry, who issued a statement through his company, thanked fans for eagerly awaiting his nuptials, and that if there was good news, he’d be the first to release it.

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