The all-white wedding “settings”
Even if you’re not having a winter wedding, there are still venues which offer picturesque views for you to tie the knot in. For Janet and George, having the ceremony in a pristine, icy landscape like the South Pole, pretty much guaranteed them stunning photos. The couple did away with lavish floral arrangements, and had guests stand in two rows with a space in the middle for the beautiful bride to walk down.

The penguin hats
The couple honoured the region’s flighty residents by giving guests fluffy penguin caps to wear at their intimate ceremony. If you’ve got pets, animal mascots, or if your venue has got their own resident pets (like the peacocks in Sentosa), you can do the same, or include your furry friends’ likeness in your stationery, wedding programmes and so on.

The vows
This was the most touching moment of the ceremony (I won’t lie: I teared up when the couple did). The couple exchanged funny, charming anecdotes of their relationship, promises only one another can fulfil, while interspersing it with reminders of their love. Janet’s closing line: “I promise… to love you as much as my heart can handle.” was probably one of the best vows we’ve heard in a long long time. For more tips on writing your vows, see these tips, the things to avoid, and romantic quotes and sayings you can include.

The wedding song
Throughout the video, the soothing vocals of Sodagreen’s lead singer, Tsing-Fong (fellow band member Jun-Wei, who penned the lyrics was on guitar), performing the song, Everyone. Part of it goes: 

“I’m so in love with you in the morning.
When I start to think of you, tears are falling.
It doesn’t matter no one sees you bleeding.
But I want you to know that I hear you crying,”


“You have a heart that I still believe in.
You’ll never lose it if you try to stop all the fighting.
It doesn’t matter if you feel like nothing.
You know I love you and I’ll sing the song with blessing.” – which aptly sums up what a marriage should be about – loving and supporting your partner for all time.

The wedding outfits
In sub-zero temperatures, anyone would’ve been forgiven if they chose to wrap themselves up in thick jackets and thermal underwear. Not Janet though. The bubbly media personality, host, and trooper removed her long white coat midway into the ceremony and revealed a beautiful strapless gown by Julia Weddings made from Neoprene (the material used to make diving suits) with lace details. George looked dapper in a suit (also made from Neoprene) lined with leather.

Love was in the air
It was palpable as the couple’s closest people gathered to celebrate their union. It was also apparent in both parents’ speeches, as they thanked the couple individually for bringing happiness to their son/daughter, as well as guests for making the trip. Very sweet!

Congratulations to the loving couple again, and we certainly hope they both make time out of their busy schedules to get their marriage registered! For the full video, as well as Janet’s Facebook post, see below.


HERE IT IS! On our one-year anniversary, I want to share our Antarctica wedding with everybody. 今天剛剛好過了一年(這麼這麼快?!)我想跟你們…

Posted by Janet Hsieh 謝怡芬 on Tuesday, 26 January 2016