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Wedding crashers
“We had our wedding at the Flower Dome at the Gardens by the Bay. As we both have large families, there were bound to be guests we didn’t recognise. But when the food started running out, and there was a queue to get into the venue, we realised something wasn’t right. Our bridesmaids and groomsmen had to scramble around making sure the caterers had enough food for our guests, while trying to shoo away our unwelcome visitors!”

Creamy business
“I wasn’t too keen on doing the cake smash, but went with it, as my husband was so enthusiastic about it, I couldn’t refuse. Big mistake. When it actually happened, some buttercream got into my eye by accident, and I spent more than half of my reception trying to wash it all off, and fixing my eye makeup!”

“I was wearing a strapless dress with a pair of three-inch heels to the church ceremony. As I’m pretty comfortable wearing heels, I wasn’t too worried about tripping. It turns out I should’ve been more careful about the beam at the door to the entrance instead. The chapel entrance was a pretty low one, and I miscalculated, and walked down the aisle with a red forehead instead. It was painful!”

Life’s a beach
“We initially planned to have an outdoor reception by the beach at our destination celebration in Thailand. What we didn’t expect: rain flies and mosquitoes. Turns out it was the monsoon season and there were hoards gathered near the lights – our guests refused to take their seats! While we were trying to get them to sit, it started to pour!.”

No kids under 12, please
“We had two flower girls and two page boys, all under 12, at our wedding. They were fairly well-behaved throughout, until the priest asked if there were any objections. One of the girls cried, and had to be removed from the church pretty quickly.”

Peeping tom
“We had the one page boy (my nephew), who was also the sign bearer before my entrance. I was wearing a ballgown with a pretty long train. While we were in the midst of prayers, I felt something behind me. It turns out that the boy was bored, and wanted to see what was underneath my voluminous skirts!”