While we wait for the Chinese celebrity couple’s wedding photos to be released, Sina Weibo has just revealed the couple’s beautiful pre-wedding portraits. Needless to say, we are in love. Here, some pointers to recreate pictures like theirs.

All photos: Sina Weibo

1. Styling is everything
Know your strengths and weaknesses, and highlight the former. The handsome couple were decked out in several glamorous outfits, which accentuated their good looks, features, and figure (for her). She opted to let her hair down in natural, flowy curls (see below) and pretty makeup to create a pretty and feminine look that worked well with his masculine good looks.

The beautiful bride wore two Elie Saab gowns (the one featured in this photo and in the one with balloons, as well as the sexy strapless number in front of the Eiffel Tower). Here, the groom wore a suit by Dolce & Gabbana from its 2015 collection.

2. A mix of classic and modern styles
In one of the portraits, Angelababy accessorised her elegant strapless dress with purple embroidery and beaded details with a glittering tiara and a chunky diamond necklace that accentuated her long neck. We  love how she paired the choker with a pearl studded tiara that looked absolutely modern and glam and not too too flashy.In another, the couple struck a formal pose in an embroidered jacket (not unlike Jay Chou’s black tux with gold embroidery) and a beaded lilac gown with crystals and floral applique, set in a dimly-lit abbey.

3. Don’t get too serious
One of the things Singaporean couples tend to do for their portraits, says Steve Thio, Contributing Editor of Her World Brides and Female Brides, is that they’re too composed. Have fun and relax instead, for better shots! Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming took their portraits in the romantic city of Paris, France, but they exuded a light-hearted vibe, with their casual, off-beat poses (even when dressed up to the nines!) that showed how happy they were, and how much fun they were having.

4. Daylight is important
Out of the six photos released, two were dark and dramatic, but the rest were shot in daylight, which gave a glowing and natural feel to the overall look – a nice contrast to the formal wedding wardobe. Plus, shooting in natural daylight illuminates your features beautifully – something harsh or studio lights can’t recreate. Just remember to face the window (if you’re indoors) or in the direction of the sun.