Photo: Weibo / Mavis Leung

When news of Shu Qi and Stephen Fung’s marriage broke in September 2016, everyone was abuzz with excitement. Why? The couple, who have known one another for 20 years, have been deflecting rumours pertaining to their relationship, especially after Shu Qi posted a few photos of Stephen on her personal Instagram page.

As it turns out, the couple have been dating for four years, and made their union official in an intimate and low-key ceremony (fewer than 20 guests, including Shu Qi’s mother attended the wedding in Prague, in the Czech Republic). 

What also caught our attention? The couple’s playful, effortless wedding photo shoot. We were charmed when we saw the couple’s wedding photos, and even more so, when Shu Qi posted a behind-the-scenes video of what went on. Here, other things we loved from the couple’s photo shoot.

1. The couple’s affordable wedding wardrobe
Celebrity brides (or couples) generally have access to some of the world’s top designers and couturiers, so we were pleasantly surprised to find that Shu Qi chose to wed in a wedding dress from H&M’s Conscious Exclusive 2014 collection. The lace design, which featured a casual T-shirt top as well as a tiered lace and tulle skirt, was a gift to the renowned actress. Priced at $699, we also like that the dress is affordable and eco-friendly.

Stephen was said to have purchased his outfit – a jacket, shirt, jeans and tie – at a roadside stall in Prague a few days before the shoot.

Photo: Weibo / Mavis Leung

2. Shu Qi’s pared-down look
There was nothing elaborate about her look. In fact, Shu Qi looked fresh and radiant, with a slight smokey eye, K-brows, and pale lipgloss (see makeup artist Dollei Seah’s tips on achieving a similar look for your big day). Her only accessory? A plain veil, which she wore with her hair down. (See other real brides who rocked the down-do here)

3. Spontaneous snaps
The couple asked photographer Joshua Lin to Prague a week before the shoot, and requested for natural shots that reflected their personalities. We like that the photos weren’t overly-posed; the series clearly showed a couple who were having a good time, and were deeply in love.

According to The Straits Times, the pair “went about it casually, shooting as they walked and stopping at simple houses to pose.”

4. A mix of romance and fun
From dandelions to piggyback rides and kungfu poses to cross-eyed snaps (which probably alluded to their individual roles in The Assassin and Tai Chi Hero), the dreamy album reflected the perfect balance of a shoot that was romantic and fun.

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