Photo: Her World Brides June 2016. Organza A-line gown, from Silhouette The Atelier. Suit, Leonard’s own. Mode Gold 916 gold necklace, from Goldheart Jewelry. Engagement ring’s, Rachel’s. Photographer: Frenchescar Lim.  

1. Opposites do attract
Rachel: “We (Leonard and I) are very different. I tend to be very spontaneous, excitable, energetic, and a bit on the extreme side. Leo is so calm, it’s very hard to rock his boat. Even if the world were to crumble, he’d probably be very calm. When I have problems and go to him, he is the peace I need. He is very unfrazzled and anchors me. I think that’s very important.

He helps me calm down and talk through the issues and problems I have at hand in a very systematic way. And then I’d realise that the problems weren’t as big as I’d thought.”

2. Communication is key
Leonard: “I may take time to respond, and it may seem like I prefer to be quiet, but I want to reflect before talking things through. I think it’s crucial that both parties communicate all the time and try to fix issues they may have. Never leave anything unresolved as it could blow up in your faces one day.”

3. Take time to know and understand one another
Rachel: “Initially, I didn’t understand how Leo could go to bed every time we quarreled. I’d call and text him furiously to insist we settled it immediately. It took me a year to figure out that he is someone who needs his space in order to calm down and clear his mind before talking things through.”

4. Remember how far you’ve come
Rachel: “There were many times we wanted to give up, but what helped us be strong was remembering how far we’d come and why we really loved each other in the first place. With God at the centre of our relationship, there’s nothing we can’t overcome.”

This interview was first published in Her World Brides 2016. See the full interview, and the couple’s real wedding here.