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1. Incoming!
“He likes to fart a lot in front of me, especially during bed time! I do wish he’d stop – if not, he should hurry to the toilet to do so!.” – Frances, 35

2. Gold digger
“I hate it when he plucks his nose hairs, especially in front of me! He does it every evening when we’re watching the television together, and leaves the discarded strands all over. What I’m planning to do: purchase a nose hair trimmer for him and get him to use it in the toilet!” – Sarah, 45

3. Reading time
“My husband hogs the toilet! I don’t understand how he can be stuck in there playing with his phone, reading the papers and so on while he’s doing his business. Every. Single. Time. To me, just get on and be done with it! I don’t understand why he needs to elevate his knowledge whenever he’s in the toilet!” – Natalia, 32

4. Getting dirty on the sheets
“After spending the entire day at work, she just plops herself on the bed with her work clothes and so on, which I don’t like – it’s so unhygienic! I don’t even mind if she removes her clothes or something and lie down. The bed is something which we sleep on for hours every day, and I don’t want any germs on it!” – Asher, 32

5. Creepy crawlies
“She loves to snack in bed while surfing on her iPad and even though I’ve scolded her many times, she still does it! I am so stressed that insects will invade my bed at night! I’ve since learned to cope with it by locking all the snacks away! She has to ask if she wants a nibble, but she has to snack away from the bedroom.” – James, 45

6. The handy man
“He doesn’t wash his hands after going to the toilet when we were first dating! I refused to hold his hand for a while after that, and have been asking if he’s washed his hands often after that!” – Daisy, 25

7. Tick tock, there went the clock
“What really ticks me off is his bad time management. If we make a date to have dinner after work, he never gives me a specific time that he will be done, and leaves me waiting for hours sometimes. I don’t mind him working late, it’s more about leaving me hanging and not being able to plan my time while waiting for him.” – Fatimah, 25

8. Through the looking glass
“We’ve got a pair of transparent drinking glasses, which we use regularly. My husband never cleans his properly after he uses it, and there are stains left on it! I used to get so annoyed at it, and have told him often enough. Now? I just leave the matter alone – I just remind him that he is not to touch my glass!” – Anne, 30 

9. Misery needs company
“She’s not great at managing her time, and is late all the time! But when she’s rushing for an important event, she gets stressed out, and in turn, stresses me out. The best part? She somehow manages to put the blame on me!” – Ken, 28

10. Better late than never… not!
“I hate it when my husband’s always asking me to head out to meet him at the last minute! While I don’t mind spontaneity, I don’t like getting caught unprepared, especially when I need some time to get ready to head out!” – Zoe, 30

11.  Not the laundrywoman
“He leaves his clothes all over the bedroom for me to pick up for washing whenever he undresses! I’ve since stopped picking up after him, and have asked that he do so in the toilet or in our wardrobe, but I still get a little irritated whenever I see his mess at times!” – Sophie, 40

*All names have been changed.