PHOTO: Her World brides Sept 2013

“I went to Boom Boom Room (it was hot then!) with my girlfriends to look for cute guys – and ended up finding my fiance there for his stag night! So I really found MY cute guy that night and we both ended up getting ‘sabo-ed’ by our friends.“
Ruth Lee, 36, secretary

“On the morning of our wedding, my husband and I had the traditional hair-combing ceremony (he at his mum’s place, me at mine). “It had to take place at EXACTLY the same time, so our conversation over the phone went something like this: ‘Ok, comb NOW!’, and both mums got into the act, marking the start of all the flurry of the wedding.”
Pamela Goh, 30, assistant vice-president of a consulting firm

“I went sightseeing. My relatives from Hong Kong had come over to celebrate my wedding. We ended up going to  the zoo, of all places. Fortunately, my friend, who’s a wedding planner, helped settle most of our wedding arrangements and I didn’t have much to do.” 
Sherry Low, 27, account executive

“My girlfriends stayed over and we had a big feast! They had bought me sexy lingerie and made me parade it around the house (in front of my dad, brother, brother-in-law etc) and  even along the corridor! Of course, I didn’t dare walk out of the house like that so I wore a coat.” 
Mei Cheong, 36, ad admin executive

“I fell and sprained my ankle A day before the wedding! five friends AND my hubby-to-be had to drive all over town to find me
a Chinese sinseh. My ankle was so swollen I had trouble wearing my wedding shoes so I just switched from 8-cm heels to 2-cm ones.”
Rachel Lim, 34, senior designer

“I had my wedding shoes custom-made and had chosen a lovely design that was comfortable too. But the shoemaker lost the pair on the eve of my wedding! I had to stay up late and wait for a replacement pair. It was lovely but a pain to wear!” 
Amy Khoo, 30, producer  

“I spent the evening with mum. The both of us had a girls’ night out – shopping, dinner, drinks. I knew she was feeling a little sad about me getting wed. So, that night was to say that though I would be married, I would always make time for her. We had a great time!” 
Jennifer tan, 33, investment officer

“We went to my dentist, who’s also a friend. he’d called us for a last-minute ‘clean-up’. So, at 8.30pm on the eve of our wedding, hubby and I were at the dental clinic getting our teeth cleaned!”
Sueann Lye, 27, brand manager

“A lot of people were staying over at my place on the eve of my wedding. Suddenly, my mum, who couldn’t bear to see me ‘leave’, started crying. Soon, my grandma, cousins and even friends were crying! I was determined not to cry and ended up geTTIng a scolding – for being the only one who didn’t cry!”
Nonie Chen, 28, designer

“The church called at 3pm on the eve of our wedding to say that we couldn’t use the designated reception area. We had to immediately rush there to arrange another spot.” 
Lim Hwee Cheng, 30, human resource executive

“My best friend and I relaxed with a seaweed wrap, massage, pedicure and manicure. Pure heaven!” 
Yeo Shann Wei, 28, accountant 

“I went to bed at 7pm so I could be up at 3am for the makeup. But I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep. I finally fell asleep at 11pm but woke up at 1am. i nodded off again at 2am. At 3am, it was time to get up! With just two hours of sleep, I woke up with really puffy eyes.”
Joelle Chui, 27, human resource executive

“I had a hunch that my bouquet (which came with the bridal package) wouldn’t turn out the way I wanted it. So I collected it early the
day before. Sure enough, it consisted of a few stalks of orchids wired to a miserable stem! Fortunately, we had time to rush over to a more trusted florist, Flower Matters, at Millenia Walk, for a freshly-arranged one – made just the way I wanted it.” 
Sandra Teh, 30, manager

“We had a ‘DIY wedding’, so on the morning of my big day, I had to personally tie the floral decorations onto the wedding car – with my newly-manicured nails too!”
Donna Tang, 24, writer

“I was supposed to have my hen’s night, but ended up printing the church programme until 3am! Meanwhile, my husband-to-be was happily pub-hopping for his stag night.” 
Vicu Mutiana, 33

“I wanted to call off the wedding! We were arguing over the choice of an emcee and it got so bad that we wanted to cancel the whole thing. Fortunately, we both calmed down and the emcee didn’t turn out to be so bad after all.”
Cindy tan, 28, teacher

This story was first featured in Her World Brides September – November 2004.