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Aunt Patricia has just separated from Uncle John, meaning you have to rearrange the seating chart. The caterer has just made local news because they sickened dozens with food poisoning. And you just can’t seem to get rid of those last five pounds for the big day.

Enter the weddingmoon. Or the me-moon. A pre-wedding vacation trend that more and more couples are taking to break away from wedding-related stress.

It’s the latest trend after babymoons and minimoons, in which couples set off on their last hoorah before the birth of baby, or newlyweds eschew the big Hawaii honeymoon for a weekend getaway or staycation.

To reconnect with their future spouse after months of wedding-related squabbling, some couples are now booking weddingmoons, final vacations as untitled boyfriend, girlfriend before exchanging ‘I do’s.’

Earlier this year, photos of British celebrities Mark Wright (TV presenter) and Michelle Keegan (“Coronation Street”) showed the good-looking couple cavorting in the Caribbean ahead of their big wedding.

Likewise, celebrities Nikki Reed (“Twilight”) and Ian Somerhalder (“The Vampire Diaries”) took a pre-wedding honeymoon to Aruba before their big day.

Pre-wedding health retreats for losing those last 10 pounds or recharging from a year-long ordeal is also becoming increasingly popular, not just for stressed-out brides, but couples together.

Think Canyon Ranch-branded wellness programs or meditative-yoga retreats.

And for over-worked brides, a holiday wellness company has coined the marketing term “me-moon,” a getaway that allows the primary wedding planner to take a break with a mini-break either by themselves or with close family and friends.

And unlike major, around-the-world holidays, because the point of a weddingmoon is simply to reconnect with partners or disengage from the wedding planning, couples are opting for smaller, weekend getaways or staycations that don’t break the bank but remind each other why they’ll be walking down the aisle in the first place. – AFP Relaxnews