One of the first things to check off on your list of to-dos, is to confirm your wedding venue. Not only will it affect the tone and type of celebration you’ll have, it’ll take a huge load off your mind, as you’ll be able to get started on other things such as flowers, decor, and gown.

1. Determine your budget and guestlist

Before looking around for potential wedding venues, you’ll have to ask yourself: How much are you willing to pay for your celebrations, and the number of people you want there. Once you’ve confirmed the numbers, you’ll be able to narrow your options down to the type of venue you can and will have. For instance, if your pockets are tight, opt for a venue with a lower minimum capacity. And, if you’re thinking of having a wedding with fewer guests, that again, is something you’ll need to factor in when you’re looking for ballrooms or alternative venues.

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2. Confirm the type of wedding you want to have

Knowing the type of party you’re having really helps. This right venue can help you save on decor costs. A hotel ballrooms is ideal for grand, lavish banquets while al fresco cafes, hotels with beautiful landscaped grounds and marquees, and charming restaurants set in lots of greenery, would be perfect for day time garden themed receptions. Food’s a priority? Consider restaurants or hotels with well-known restaurants that’ll be in charge of the menu.

3. Location, location, location

It’s not necessary, but it would be nice to hold your wedding at a place where guests can travel to easily. Or, if you’re looking at a place that’s not as convenient, do check if the venue offers shuttle services. After all, you do want your guests to be able to enjoy themselves without much fuss, right?

4. Visit your venue at the time or day when your wedding or celebrations will be held

Get a look and feel of your venue, so you have a better idea of what it’ll be like on your big day. If you’re touring with your coordinator, see if you can request to drop by a wedding (for a short while only!), so you can see how it’ll be like, and how the staff handles the event. Of course, be considerate and don’t linger once had your glimpse – you won’t want random strangers gatecrashing your party too, if the tables are turned.

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5. Check reviews

It won’t hurt to know what you’ll be getting yourself into. Just look out for potential red flags on wedding forums if you’ve already got your eye on a venue. Or, ask your wedding planner if you’ve got one, for his or her opinion.

6. Compare perks

This is important, and, while most hotels offer similar wedding package benefits, others offer more. So check which ones matter more to you before signing on the dotted line.

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7. Drop by the venue’s wedding show if they’re holding such events

Wedding shows are the best time to check out the premises, as it’ll be dressed up to resemble a typical celebration. Plus, venues usually offer extra perks when you sign up on the day itself.

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8. Check if your venue will be hosting more than one wedding that day

If so, that may potentially affect service or prep time for your own. Make sure you check whether your coordinator will be shuttling to and fro, or you’ve got him or her for the whole day. Also, if there’s another wedding going on before or after yours, ask your coordinator how much time will your wedding planner or florist have to set-up/take down.