Pink tones are hot for wedding centerpieces. PHOTO: Alex Andrei/

Ahead of New York International Bridal Week, which runs this weekend, wedding florists in New York are reporting a move away from "vintage" floral arrangements and a return to contemporary design and serious style statements.

"I have seen in 2014 a move away from vintage to more bold statements -- no more vintage china, no more blush, no more gold," explains Jessy Wolvek, Owner of Fleurs NYC.

"Now, we are starting to see cut crystal with bright colored flowers such as reds, burgundies and hot pinks. Ironwork and dark vases are becoming popular."

Meanwhile in London it seems British brides are opting for a slightly more romantic, natural look when it comes to decorative floral accents, with an emphasis on sustainability.

Organic local flowers are the order of the day it seems, as couples become more aware of their carbon footprint.

"As always with weddings, lots of gorgeous scented garden roses have predominated this year, with soft, wild looking flowers such as dahlias, peonies, freesia and delphiniums enhancing the look further," says Jessica Simmonds, Creative Director at upmarket London florist Okishima & Simmonds.

"Another trend that we have definitely noticed this year is the use of natural elements in the table centers -- such as bark and tree trunks."

Whilst Simmonds predicts a continued British emphasis on homegrown designs, in New York Wolvek envisages a much bolder future.

"For 2015 I predict the return of black!" she states. "In candlesticks, tabletops, vases. And more bold colors! No more delicate vintage softness."