Royce & Michelle-189 hwplus.jpg“Our eyes met as Royce held my left hand during the vow exchange. I knew then that, of all the decisions I’d made in my life, this was the best one yet.”

Michelle Ang, 30, and Royce Choo, 31, had a celebration with whimsical details. She tells us:

Royce & Michelle-196 hwplus.jpgMichelle and her bridesmaids took this shot along Bukit Timah’s old railway track.

Royce & Michelle-180 hwplus.jpg

“A mutual friend, who eventually became our matchmaker, introduced us. It was my last day as a flight attendant and Royce had just returned after five years of studying and working in the US. That was four years ago.

Royce & Michelle-175 hwplus.jpgThe newly-weds and relatives at the tea ceremony. The bride’s red satin-lined chantilly lace qipao had a keyhole back. Royce wore a classic tuxedo suit with piped lapels.

Royce & Michelle-399 hwplus.jpgThe dessert table was designed and assembled by Michelle’s elder brother and sister-in-law. It included Brown & Cony cupcakes, treats from Germany and M&Ms with the couple’s faces.

Royce & Michelle-410 hwplus.jpgThe couple’s engagement photos were displayed during the cocktail hour. Most of the decor, like these pom-poms, were home-made.

The wedding was very meaningful. Our family and friends played a big part. Wayne, my elder brother, and his wife Joyce designed as well as prepared the dessert table, two close friends put the photo booth together, my best friend Choy Fong, Royce and I made the decorations, and our other helpers – all friends and family – did the rest.

Royce & Michelle-329 hwplus.jpgLine characters, Brown and Cony, featured significantly in the wedding.

Royce & Michelle-401 hwplus.jpg

Royce & Michelle-423 hwplus.jpgA wishing tree filled with well-wishes replaced the traditional guestbook.

We wanted a celebration filled with our favourite things! We both love the Brown and Cony stickers from Line’s Short Manga Series. Brown represents Royce, who’s calm, confident and a man of few words. I’m the more expressive and demanding half – just like Cony. During our relationship, we used the app stickers in chats and texts because they sometimes conveyed what we wanted to say a whole lot better than we could. I had them painted on my nails too and they were included in wedding favours.

Royce & Michelle-467 hwplus.jpg

Royce & Michelle-465 hwplus.jpg“The wedding was more beautiful than we imagined. When we were pronounced man and wife, neither of us had ever felt happier.”

Royce and I sang the Mandarin duet All The Days In My Life to thank loved ones for being a part of our lives. It was a surprise and a hit with guests as Royce seldom speaks Mandarin and there he was singing in the language.”

1. Your dream team should be made up of favourites, so start planning early to secure your first choices, whether it’s the venue, photographer or your makeup artist.

2. No matter how good the deal is, don’t commit to a gown package until you’ve been to the boutique and tried the dresses.

3. Make a list of must-have photos for your wedding day and discuss this with your photographer. The last thing you want is to realise you left out some relatives and don’t have a shot with your best friend.

4. Don’t get too hung up on having the perfect wedding. This only causes unnecessary stress. The week leading up to your big day should be spent pampering yourself. Leave those helping you to get on with their work.

5. On your wedding day, trust your helpers to deliver and enjoy yourself!

Shangri-La Hotel Singapore (6737-3644)

Wardrobe Solemnisation gown: Seamstress Kim (9647-8146). Qipao, evening gown and tuxedo: Silhouette The Atelier (6733-7197). Hair accessories:

Hair and makeup Joey Chan (9008-2888) did the solemnisation hair and reception makeup. Aaron Ng (Decorum Hair & Makeup, 9233-9433) did Royce’s hair and Michelle’s for the first and second march-ins.

Photography Lightedpixels (Alwin Lim, 6474-6556); Photo booth: Hipshotz (

Videography Androidsinboots (Will Chua, 9741-2354)

Decor Ballroom: C. C. Lee Marketing & Services (9789-2927). Bouquet, car, solemnisation and wishing tree: Floral Magic (6337-6398)

Cake and desserts Brown & Cony cupcakes: Cloud9 (

Special thanks to Our family, friends and everyone else who made our wedding day so memorable.

Michelle & Royce’s wedding was first featured in Her World Brides September – November 2014. If you’d like to contribute to our real weddings section, please send us an e-mail at