Finding the perfect dress for the big day is, arguably, the hardest part of the wedding prep. Okay, finding hair and make-up people, the venue, caterers and flowers isn’t a walk in the park, either. But the real excitement lies in what comes just after — your honeymoon.

It’s your first trip as a married pair, and packing for this event is something few people pay attention to. But it’s an important fashion moment for you, since every outfit should be a surprise for your new hubby. Once you have both pinned down the location (See: We pick the most romantic honeymoon resorts for 2018!), start to think about what to bring because no one likes #lastminute stress. (There was enough of that for the wedding, anyway.)

We’re here to help you out. Besides the sexy lingerie or nightwear you’ll be packing, you’ll want to be looking pretty as the new #wifey. Our suggestion is to keep things easy, and plan to wear dresses most of the time. They’ll keep you cool in hot locations, have you dressed without thinking of how to pair tops and bottoms in cooler weather, or oozing serious style for that city chic vacay.