How did you meet?

We met at university seven years ago. Herman had pretended that he needed a copy of an assignment cover page – though he already had it – to get my e-mail address.

It’s been a journey of ups and downs, tears and joy, and plenty of laughter in between ever since.

What was your proposal like? 

He proposed to me on a yacht he chartered, and roped my friends in for the occasion.

On the pretext of having dinner out, my friends were supposed to lead me to the proposal spot. On the day itself, however, I wanted to take a rain check because of work. Everyone was flustered! In the end, I managed to make it there – sans makeup – and found Herman waiting for me on a beautifully decorated boat with a ring in his hand and a distressed look on his face!

We set sail once I said yes, and like the workaholic that I am, I rushed back to work after midnight.

Share with us your wedding theme and celebration! 

Our direction for the wedding was clear from the start because it was my childhood dream to have a regal celebration that would stand the test of time.

We settled on a classy theme with a palette of gold, blush and white. For a touch of personalisation, we designed a wedding monogram and featured it on our invites, backdrop, carpeting and door gifts.

Herman thought I was out of my mind when I told him about my choice of vendors.

My hairstylist, makeup artist, seamstress, photographer and videography team hailed from different parts of the region, but I knew I had to fly them in the moment I saw their portfolios. 

They were amazing vendors who were not only professional, but also provided us with assistance as though we were their friends.

How many events did you have in a day?

We both agreed that a wedding is not just an affair for the couple; it is also the marriage of both families. So we honoured the customary wedding traditions and had the gatecrashing and tea ceremony in the morning.

Thereafter, we had our solemnisation at Singapore Island Country Club. It was an intimate affair with just 100 of our closest family and friends. We truly enjoyed being able to sit down for lunch with them.

During our evening banquet, we wanted to focus more on the guest experience and to let our guests know us better as a couple. So we designed a line-up of videos, and Herman and I performed a duet.

What were some of the highlights? 

Herman, who’s a motorhead, had a convoy of 25 cars pick me up! Needless to say, the evil spirits (which traditional beliefs say can mar a wedding if they’re not driven away) were warded off with the amount of honking they did. 

To ensure the guests were kept entertained, we hired professional English- and Mandarin-speaking emcees, as well as a live band.

Towards the end of the banquet, I took some time alone to look at the scene before me – the beautiful decor, our platform aisle and flowers, and I felt so happy that the day had gone exactly the way I’d envisioned.

Any wedding planning tips? 

Herman says, “As a man and a groom-to-be, try to be a part of everything throughout the wedding journey. Support your wife in all aspects of the planning and give her as much as you can. Happy wife, happy life!” 

The Wedding of Jojo Tan & Herman Lo

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