A TV documentary producer-turned-shoemaker (his works have aired on networks National Geographic Channel, Discovery, History and more), Singaporean and Paris-based shoe designer Mashizan Mashum who started his eponymous label in 2015 shares with us his latest capsule collections and how brides can choose the perfect pair of wedding shoes.

On his latest collections

“Our shoes are manufactured in Florence, Italy by the same artisans who produce for top luxury brands. We recently launched two capsule collections – Memories of Kyoto Echoes as well as Brazen Peacock of the Southern Gardens of Sentosa. For Echoes, I was inspired by a documentary that I filmed in Japan that dealt with the issue of the ageing population in the country. I was struck by how Japanese society struggled to balance tradition with modernity, a dichotomy that they had to deal with on a daily basis. Translating that into my collection, I found a way to re-purpose vintage Japanese kimonos and Obis, and paired them with luxurious Florentine suede to become stylish contemporary footwear.


Stylist’s note: Love the vivid red and gold designs to go with an elegant cheongsam or kua!

In Peacock, I wanted to deep dig into my roots and create a collection with our brand’s animal motif – the peacock. In Sentosa, the peacocks are bold and fearless – they roam where they want to, unafraid of their human neighbours. To me, that’s the essence of the woman I’m designing for – the MASHIZAN woman. She’s bold, she’s fearless. 


His most popular bridal shoe 

Our Saliza heels – a d’Orsay style – have proven to be popular among brides. The heel height is just right for the bride who wants a bit of lift and yet is comfortable enough for them to wear for several hours. The style also comes in matching flats so it gives the bride the option to slip on something more comfortable in between.


The Saliza heels draped in vintage Japanese fabrics. 

When choosing your wedding shoes

“Comfort has to be the number one priority. The fit has to be perfect during the shoe selection, whether she’s picking flats or heels. A pair of ill-fitting flats can be terrible for the back, and high heels that are too big or too tight will be disastrous. Our entire body weight rests on our feet and if we are in pain, it will affect our mood and sense of joy.”


The best heel height for your wedding shoe

“6-7 cm is the best height, in my opinion. It gives some lift but isn’t too high. But it also depends on the bride; whether she wears high heels or even stilettoes on a daily basis.”



Get the right fit and everything will fall into place. Fit is everything. A lot of problems that deal with comfort often stems from ill-fitting shoes.


Want a pair of bespoke bridal shoes? 

If you’re after a pair of wedding shoes that’s uniquely yours, Mashizan offers a bespoke service. “We first organise a fitting session and find the right sizing for the bride. Then we pick out a silhouette and choice of materials. This customisation process can take about three to four months.”


 Shoe prices range from SGD 495 to SGD 650, depending on the style (flats, heels, or boots) as well as the choice of materials. Mashizan uses Florentine leather for his shoes, except for kimono fabrics in the Echoes collection. For prices of bespoke shoes, more information or to order your shoes, visit www.mashizan.com or email info@mashizan.com.