“Believe it or not, I never really understood the point of having a pre-wedding shoot, so I initially suggested doing without it. Herman, however, being a traditional type of guy, felt strongly about having one.

I decided that if we were going to have one, then the portraits should reflect our personalities and be something that is out of this world, with plenty of room for creative freedom.

There were so many options, but we ultimately decided to go back to our roots and embrace our culture with an oriental-style shoot.

We focused a lot on our conceptualisation and put together a team for the shoot – a stylist who took care of the outfits and concept, a hairstylist and makeup artist, two main photographers, and two photography assistants.

We trusted them to work their magic, and we believe that granting your vendors creative freedom will produce better results in the end.


The temple we shot at had a rich heritage and history behind it, and it was so awe-inspiring. We took precautions to ensure that boundaries were set, as we did not want to be disrespectful during the shoot.

The atmosphere was so special, and we are glad that we decided to pay homage to our beautiful Chinese heritage.”

Check out the rest of their stunning pre-wedding photos below: 

“It was a two-day shoot, including an overnight stay in the mountains with the aim of capturing the sunrise.

We were so unprepared for the cold. The temperature dropped below zero, and we had to do quick jogs in between shots to keep ourselves warm.

Just like everyone, we got flooded with a ton of inspiration and ideas. What we did was to narrow down the location and style that appealed to the both of us, before starting our search.

The locals know best, so for a destination shoot, I suggest engaging a photographer who has experience with your chosen location.”

The Wedding Portraits of Jojo Tan & Herman Lo


Wei Chau Fu & Da Chiu, assisted by Peter Wang & Joy Lin


Sophie Chen 


Eva Liu 


Anda Cho

This story was first published in Her World Brides Luxe April’19.