“Our shoot in Switzerland with Sunrise Experiences was amazing.

We did not expect that we would enjoy it that much. We did no planning and went off with light luggage! It wasn’t just a pre-wedding shoot – it felt like a holiday as well.

We knew the Alps would be beautiful, but the scenery was beyond breathtaking. We spent four days there – two days shooting in the Alps, and another two days exploring the city of Zurich.

Sunrise Experiences did a really awesome job planning the trip. They had a full professional team on board who scouted the shoot locations, arranged our airport transfers and accommodations, brought the gowns, and styled us from head to toe.

Every place they brought us to – whether it was a restaurant or our accommodations – was  highly rated. Dean and I both enjoyed a very lovely and memorable experience.

The shoot itself took two days, and I loved the Vera Wang gowns that the team chose for me. We also did a swan-themed shoot, which turned out to be quite interesting.

The biggest challenge was coping with the weather.

We had to shoot in subzero temperatures, and I was layering heavily beneath my gowns with boots, thermals and even sock thermals. Dean caught a cold because he could not layer much.”

Check out the rest of their stunning pre-wedding photos below: 

The wedding portraits of Beatrice Tan & Dean Krstevski 

Photography, styling & planning 

Sunrise Experiences

This story was first published in Her World Brides Luxe April’19.