Cheryl loves soft, romantic shots that are also elegant and timeless, so that was the main feeling we went for in our shoot.

Instead of going with one specific theme, we chose a few styles that we both liked.

One of them was a simple but romantic Korean-inspired setting with an elegant armchair against a lush floral backdrop.

We both fell in love with the K-wave after watching Full House – the first drama we watched together as a couple.

We had another set-up inspired by Peaky Blinders – a favourite show of mine. It was luxe, grand and moody.

All these shots were taken in the studio provided by our bridal boutique.

For our outdoor shoot, Cheryl had always dreamed of the grand and imposing all-white interior and columns of Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall.

The venue proved to be perfect for what we had in mind.

During our shoot, a little girl even asked Cheryl if she could take a picture with her because she thought she was a princess. Our hearts melted into a puddle!

We also made a stop at Fort Canning Park for some shots with natural greenery.

There are many gems on our island for wedding portraits. You may be surprised.

Providing examples and clear instructions to our photographer, Dawn Koh from Thomson Wedding Collection, truly helped us realise our vision.

As tiring as it was, she did a great job in making our shoots fun and enjoyable.

Learning some basic poses and smiles would help a lot if you don’t feel naturally comfortable in front of the camera.

We expect photographers to work their magic, but we can put in a little effort too!


The wedding portraits of Cheryl Tan & John Sebastian Francisco

Her Gowns

Thomson Wedding Collection

His Suits

Daniel Goh from Men’s Tradition


Dawn Koh/Thomson Wedding Collection