How did you meet?

Alex and I met in Hokkaido in 2015 on a train from Niseko to Otaru.

He was with his friends, and I was with my family. He asked for my number, and we started hanging out back in Singapore.

Shortly after, we went to Indonesia on a whim to hike up Mount Merapi in Yogyakarta.

The trip made us realise how comfortable we were with each other, and we got together as a couple after that.

What was your proposal like? 

I knew he was going to propose during our trip to Europe last year, but I didn’t know how. Turns out he had planned everything to a T!

He even hired a local videographer to discreetly follow us around Bled Castle in Slovenia to capture the moment!

After an unassuming lunch, the waiter – who was also in on the plan – led us to a pavilion for coffee.

It was beautifully decorated, and that was when I noticed the videographer for the first time. Alex went down on one knee there and popped the question.

Share with us your wedding celebration!

Our wedding at The Residence Bintan exceeded our expectations in every way.

We only invited our closest friends and family as we wanted to keep it intimate and engaging.

“The idyllic setting for the solemnisation, on the beach against the setting sun, was beautiful.”

“Everyone present knew us well and was genuinely happy for us, so the celebration was filled with a lot of love.”

A delicious Indonesian dinner was served buffet-style to encourage interaction in a communal setting.

At the end, we also distributed paper lanterns on which our guests could write well-wishes to us for an added personal touch.

The ceremony ended with the guests releasing their lanterns, followed by a display of fireworks.

What was the best part?

The most memorable bit was when we had an open mic session. In such an intimate setting, people voluntarily went up to share stories and memories of us, some of which definitely could not be shared during a formal banquet in front of unfamiliar faces!

When the band started playing a slow song, a few couples went up to dance as well. It was a beautiful moment.

The best part of the celebrations, however, was really the resort itself. The hospitality of the staff and delectable spread of food just sealed the deal.

“We both had a lot of fun and were immensely touched to be surrounded by our friends and family.”  

The wedding of Alexys Tjhia & Alex Leong 

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