“We were introduced by a mutual friend, but at that time, I had fractured my ankle, so Dylan only asked me out on a date after I recovered. While I was recuperating, we made do with texting for over a month.

We finally met in person when Dylan surprised me with a delivery of potato chips after I told him I had a craving for them! What drew me to Dylan was how caring and understanding he was.

While travelling in Melbourne two years ago, Dylan surprised me with the proposal. 

We had planned to go skydiving as it was on both our bucket lists. Dylan coordinated the entire thing with the skydiving company before our trip. 

He made sure I went first, and as I was approaching the landing point, I saw a big banner with the words “Will you marry me?”.

Right after I landed, Dylan went down on one knee to propose and I said yes. We celebrated with champagne right there and then; the moment felt so surreal. 

Thanks to the skydiving proposal, we decided on a sky-themed wedding. The ballroom was decorated with hundreds of balloons in white, blue and silver to symbolise clouds and stars.

“We were fortunate to have good friends and family who helped with our wedding preparation.”

We also had balloons tied to the back of all 520 of our guests’ chairs – these were released simultaneously during our first walk-in.

It was truly an unforgettable sight – and the highlight of the evening – with everyone sharing the joy of our union. For the stage, our events company created a special backdrop inspired by the skies, of course. 

As our banquet was held on a Friday night, canapes, wine and beer were served to offer some respite to our guests, some of whom had come after a long day at work.

To add a little fun and sweetness to the occasion, we had booths serving popcorn and cotton candy, as well as a customised photo booth.

Most of the day went smoothly. When it was over, we had mixed feelings of relief and, at the same time, surprise at how quickly things ended.”

The wedding of Gillian Siow & Dylan Poh

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