Jesseca fronts the cover of our latest LUXE issue in a stunning gown from Belle & Tulle Bridal and jewellery from Niessing. 
You’ve just celebrated your second anniversary with a romantic Phuket getaway. What are the best moments of married life so far?
The best moments are not about grand gestures. They’re about having a thoughtful husband who puts my needs before his own, and could be as simple and wonderfully heartwarming as being welcomed home by Jeremy. He also looks after all the daily necessities so I don’t have to.
And the most frustrating, funniest or memorable bits?
Learning patience and understanding in order to accommodate each other’s needs and habits. For example, while I can’t wait to use a new product before the old one is finished, my husband will use it to the very end before discarding it.
The funniest moments? They’re hard to pick out. There’s always something entertaining and funny everyday.
Most memorable: when Jeremy won Best Comedy Performance at the 2018 Asian Academy Creative Awards. I remember being so excited, and proud of him.

Niessing Papyr gold necklace, Niessing Ring Heaven gold ring with solitaire diamond and Niessing Memory gold ring with diamonds. All, Niessing. Gown, Mikael D.

How do you manage disagreements?
As long as the husband apologises first, everything is resolved! Haha. But, seriously, Jeremy always apologises first while I often forget why we disagreed in the first place.
How do you support each other’s careers?
A very vital element in marriage is understanding and supporting each other. We advise and back each other up in good times and bad. This is a crucial dynamic for our careers and marriage.
Besides your filming commitments, you have a businesses in your hometown of Langkawi. How do you juggle personal and professional time?
I am very fortunate to work with a good team and supportive family members, who help me manage our Airbnb, J’s Home, three Bellis Spa outlets and 3pm dessert cafe. Juggling personal and professional time? I try to ensure that I have a work-life balance going as much as possible.

Gown, Mikael D.


Gown, Viktor&Rolf Mariage.

What is your secret to a happy marriage?
Consistency is the key to a successful marriage. A happy wife, a happy life. Husbands should always praise and compliment their wives, and vice versa. I also believe couples should conscientiously make an effort to keep the flames of love burning – and this is even more crucial after the wedding. If there are romantic traditions that you shared before marriage, like weekly date nights, it’s important to keep them going. Also set aside regular together-time and practice patience.

“The best moments are not about grand gestures… and could be as simple and heartwarming as being welcomed home by Jeremy.”  


What is your advice to all the couples planning to tie the knot
If you are both working, it’s pointless to believe you can do it all, too. Get a wedding planner!

Gown, Romona Keveza.


Niessing Roseum gold bangle, Niessing Ring Heaven gold ring with diamonds, Destinee Niessing gold ring with diamonds,  Niessing Roseum gold ring with diamonds. All, Niessing.


“Consistency is the key to a successful marriage. .. if there are romantic traditions that you shared before marriage, like weekly date nights, keep them going.”


Niessing Roseum Collier gold necklace with diamonds, Niessing Roseum gold ring with diamonds, Destinee Niessing gold ring with diamonds and Niessing Roseum gold bangle. All, Niessing. Gown, Viktor&Rolf Mariage.

Watch the Behind-the-scenes video of our shoot with Jesseca at the beautiful Raffles Hotel Singapore: 
Videography and editing: Dan Ng
Jesseca fills us in on her hectic schedule.
What are you working on?
I am currently filming Mind Eyes, an August Pictures’ drama that should be completed by mid-October. Right after that, I am off to  Malaysia for three months to film a new Mediacorp Channel 8 drama. 
So what do you do in Mind Eyes?
I play a detective who can predict events with the sense of smell.  Being able to act out this attribute with all the emotions that define it is important. I take all my roles very seriously, so for Mind Eyes, I suggested adding a special effect every time this ‘power’ asserts itself to the director. 
Driver, a new drama you’re starring in is already on Toggle and will soon be on Channel 8, too. Tell us about it.
I actually had two roles in the drama. I play the daughter of a secret society leader as well as a florist married to the male lead, and both parts are actually concentrated in just a few episodes. We filmed part of Driver in Japan, and I had to learn simple Japanese, fight moves with a samurai sword, and a traditional dance, which I found fun and challenging. In the last scene I have a big temporary tattoo depicting my status in the secret society. It took hours to ink in and remove after filming.


This story was originally published in Her World Brides LUXE Oct 2019 – March 2020.