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If you’re the type to bring work home, a stylish and conducive work space is important if you want to stay productive at home. Have these basic tips in mind when designing a home office or study, no matter its size.

  1.  Ensure there is adequate storage space for papers, files, and stationery. Use vertical storage in a small space.
  2.  Clutter should be minimised with boxes and shelving.
  3.  Colours chosen should be able to encourage productivity. Bright combinations such as bold reds and blues can be distracting.
  4.  Some personalisation, such as artwork or knick knacks, can add a bit of fun to the space.
  5.  Get an ergonomic chair.

Scroll down to see how these homeowners did it.


1) Let natural light flow

Soften the natural light streaming in from floor-to-ceiling windows with wooden accents for a classy space.


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2) Utilise corridor space


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No room for a study? Corridor space can double up as seating area. You just need a small alcove for a desk and slim shelves.


3) Chalkboards chalk up creativity


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Rows of shelving keep your desk free of clutter. “Chalkboard” walls are great for creative types, and you can keep your children happy by letting them doodle in the area under the desk.


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4) Choose lighting and textures well

Often times, simple ideas are what it takes to make a room look inviting and beautiful. If warm rooms are your thing, utilise cove lights, parquet flooring and wall textures such as stone, and switch out the colour of your throw rug to change up the mood occasionally.


5) Try cabana style

Great for a first-floor children’s study: Replicate the feel of a cabana with ochre ceilings and a faux “coconut” lining. See those shelves on the left? They’re made of repainted crates.


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6) Spruce the walls in front of your desk


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Even if your room is plain, you can brighten your work space up with different wall styles. No reason a chronic postcard and poster collector shouldn’t air the collection. Best done on a light-coloured wall with dark coloured frames, and do vary frame sizes.


7) Repaint in a bold colour


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If you’re in a temporary office or home, all you need is a splotch of paint to delineate a workspace – go over trunking or pipes if need be. It doesn’t have to be pink. It could even be white, if you want something minimalistic. Just have a look at our guide to choosing the right shade of white paint for your wall.


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8) Tiered workstations save space

If starved for space, a simple tiered workstation with enough space for a laptop will suffice. Be sure to place it perpendicular to windows, or you’ll get annoying screen glare.

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9) Don’t forget proper seating

Keep walls reserved in colours. Remember to purchase surfaces and ergonomic chairs that allow you to keep good posture so you don’t get back pains from working too long.


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