Photo by All Aflutter Photography from Estelle Goh & Oliver Lee’s wedding

Wedding venues are one of the hardest things to shop for, and getting it confirmed should be placed high on your to-do list.

Once that’s done, you’ll then be able to determine your guest list (or vice versa), wedding date (it depends on how flexible you are with it), wedding outfits, timeline and invitations.

We’ve come up with a list of questions that’ll help determine your decision.

– Is my venue available on this date?
– How many weddings will be held on that day?
– Is there a chance the venue might not be exclusive to me?
– What’s the minimum and maximum number of guests can the venue hold?
-When is the latest date that I need to confirm by? Can I block my preferred date?
– Is there a point-of-contact or a day-of coordinator before and during the day of my wedding? If so, can I meet him/her now or sometime soon?
– Do you have any preferred vendors for flowers, cake, lights, entertainment?
– What’s the wait staff arrangement for each table like?
– What’s the cancellation policy like?
– What forms of payment do you take?
– Do you have any preferred credit cards which offer rebates or additional perks when we pay for our wedding package here?
– When is the balance due?


Photo by Acapella Photography from Celestine Ang & Kelvin Chua’s wedding

– What kind of atmosphere/ambience does it offer?
– What are the seating arrangements you offer (i.e. round table, long table, theatre set-up) ?
– What are the facilities it offers (e.g. private foyer, nearby bridal room, its own toilets, live-screen projection)?
– What others does the venue offer (e.g. floor-to-ceiling windows, chandeliers etc)?
– Are decorations included in my package? If so, what does it entail (i.e. flowers, dessert table, Tiffany chairs etc)?
– What else is included in my package?
– If I’m using my own invitations/favours/decorations, can I negotiate for other perks in my package to make up the difference?
– What are the wedding themes you offer?
– Will there be extra charges if I’m using my own decorations/settings?
– If I’m hiring an external vendor to do my decorations or entertainment, how much time do I have for set-up?
-If I’m not hiring a wedding planner, who will be in charge of set-ups and take-downs before and after the wedding?


Photo by Andri Tei Photography from Teo Mun Ching & Vincent Wang’s wedding

– What are the cuisines you offer?
– Do you offer food tastings before the wedding? If so, for how many members of the party?
– Do you offer other meal options for dietary restrictions?
-What are the prices for individual vegetarian meals?
– Are we able to bring in our own caterers if you are unable to accommodate some of our guests’ dietary restrictions?
– Will there be an added fee for external caterers?
– Will they be able to use the kitchen and other facilities?
– Can I bring in my own cake? Are there extra fees for cutting and such?
– Can I bring my own wine/beer/alcohol? If so, what are the corkage fees like?


Photo by Stanstills Photography from Sheena Cheong & Benjamin Song’s wedding

Entertainment, sound and lighting 
– Are there any restrictions if I want to bring in my own entertainment/band?
– Can the venue accommodate a DJ or live band?
– How much time can you allow set-ups from DJs or bands to be made before the wedding?
– What is the audio and lighting set-up like?
– Can a dance floor be arranged?


Photo by Third Eye Pictureworks from Shannon Low & Joshua Ang’s wedding

– What does my package entail? What are my perks?
-Are there any extra fees involved? And what are they?
– How much does it cost to include more invitations/complimentary parking coupons should I need them?
– Do you offer private changing rooms for the wedding party on the day-of?
– What are your bridal suites like?
– How much will an upgrade cost?
– (If your venue’s located away from any MRT station or bus stop) Are there shuttle bus services for guests?
– What’s your wet weather plan if we’re holding a wedding at an outdoor venue?
– Do you offer accommodations/room blocks for out-of-town guests? If so, do you offer discounts if we were to block rooms for them?
– How much would it cost?
– Any added perks you can offer during off-peak season?