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5 top tips for brides to get fit and lose weight healthily from E’s Fitness founder

We spoke to founder Elinn Ahmad of E's Fitness about the recommended diet and exercise regime for brides to look great on their big day.

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1. What are your top tips on losing weight healthily before the wedding?
We believe it’s never about losing weight to prepare for a wedding. Instead, it's about losing body fat percentage and sculpting the body to fit into your dream wedding dress or suit.

Muscles burn fats. Thus, the more muscles you have, the more body fats you can burn. My tip is to strengthen your body first, then start sculpting it in the way you desire.




2. When should brides start getting into a diet or exercise regime, so they can look good for my wedding?
Six to nine months is ideal, but every individual is different. You should take your time and get into a regime gradually, especially if you don't exercise regularly. Taking your time also helps let your body adapt slowly, and you will be able to maintain your shape even after the wedding.

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3. Are there certain foods brides should consume, as well as avoid?
Cut down on your sugar intake. An increased sugar intake leading up to the big day is not recommended as sugar has adverse effects on the body such as sluggish mental alertness, hormones, metabolism and skin clarity. A well-balanced diet with a good effective workout is actually all one needs to look and feel good.


4. What's the most common concern for brides, and how should they address it?
They are usually worried that their dream dress will not fit them and that they won't look good in it. Here, our team of fitness professionals will provide an assessment and consultation to understand your body type and concerns. We encourage brides to tell us what they will be wearing so we can help target an area to feature. For example, if you are going to wear a backless dress, we will focus on toning your back by the end of the programme! (See: Which gown silhouette's best for your shape? We help 5 brides nail theirs!)


5. If a bride's having difficulty losing weight for her wedding, what's the number one reason behind it, and what should she do to help her situation?
If she has been working out regularly and not seeing results, she should consult with a personal trainer. Everyone responds differently to different exercises. If she has been on a self-imposed strict diet during this period, it is best that she consults a nutritionist to ensure her body is receiving enough nutrients. Some people tend to push through so much that they are not eating enough and the body may respond by conserving fats. If there are too much restrictions imposed, you can gain weight easily. 



For us, our fitness professionals will always be monitoring your progress and observe if things are not going as planned. Our nutritionists will also understand the scope of exercise necessary and prescribe a sustainable diet plan to allow healthy weight loss or muscle gain. If progress has been stagnant or not progressive, it could be due to different reasons and situation, such as inconsistencies with the workouts, not eating right, not sleeping well or health issues.

Finally, if you are unable to lose weight due to health reasons, you should focus on feeling and looking good in other ways. At the end of the day, it is most important to be healthy and happy. It is after all, your big day, and the start of a new life.

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