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These 10 touching ways to include Dad in your wedding will be the best Father's Day gifts

Apart from having him escort you down the aisle, here are other ways to thank the man who first loved you, on your special day.

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Your father has been your constant support and seen you grow over the years. With the pressure of wedding prep, it’s easy to forget about showing him some love. To honour the approaching Father’s day, we’ve rounded up some creative and loving ways you can make Dad (and of course, your future father-in-law!) feel special on your wedding day!

#1 Get him in on the planning

There's nothing quite like getting his input on your most special day to get Dad feeling important and part of his child's life. Play to his strengths. Is he a foodie? You could bring him along to menu tastings. Or if he's a music lover, consider getting song recommendations for your march-in, or even getting him to play an instrument!


#2 Have part of his shirt or handkerchief sewn onto your wedding dress

For the bride, cut out a heart-shaped piece of fabric from his shirt or handkerchief, and sew it to the back of your dress, or in its inner lining. Whether for your something blue, or if you like the idea of carrying something of his with you throughout the day, this is one way to show him you'll be thinking of him at the wedding.


#3 Father-daughter first look

If you prefer seeing your husband for the first time during the ceremony, you can still have one... with your father instead!


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#4 Gifts for the father of the bride

There are so many great gift ideas out there, but one of our favourites has to be this: a keychain and a message reminding him that you'll always be his little girl, no matter what.



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#5 Father-daughter first dance

This isn't often practiced in Asian weddings, but you can include it in your lineup too! You can make it special by choosing a song that means something to you both.


#6 Before he has to give you away...

Give him one final hug before you take your husband's hand. We're sure it's going to be a very emotional moment for the both of you.


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#7 Special Boutonniere

Talk to your florist about having a special boutonniere for your father that makes him stand out amongst the rest!


#8 Arrive together

A touching way to make your father feel special on your wedding day is to go to the ceremony together, just the both of you. It'll be the ride of his life, one he'll never forget and always cherish.



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#9 Write him a poem or letter

Craft a poem or a letter to him and read it out at the reception. This will be a moment your father will remember for the rest of his life.


#10 His favourite food

Has he got a favourite dish? Incorporate it into your wedding menu! Another fab idea would be to have a cocktail inspired by his favourite drink - you can even name it after him!