Photo: Her World Brides September 2015.

Line the way
Instead of lining the top and bottom lids with dark eyeliner, line either just the top or bottom, or use a darker colour on top, and a lighter one at the bottom.

Bright eyes
Opt for lighter, brighter eyeshadow shades. These will brighten your eyes, and make them look larger, which in turn, makes you look younger.

Sky-high lashes
Lengthened lashes give off the impression of wider, fresher peepers. For more staying power, clamp your curler at the root of your lashes, and work your way upwards, before applying mascara. 

Light concealer
For concealing eye bags and dark circles, use a yellow-based liquid concealer, which balances out the purple undertones, lightens and lifts your eyes, and brightens your overall appearance.

Thicker brows
These take years off your face. Thick brows are usually associated with youth, as they frame and define your features better. Plus, if you've seen yourself with sparse brows, you'll find that you generally look tired and older (losing brow hair gives off the appearance of aging, too).

Primed to perfection
Don't forget to prime your lids before applying any eyeshadow on. The primer smoothes the surface, so powder doesn't settle in between fine lines (if any), which may add years to your peepers.