What's new in the wedding cake scene? We ask four patisseries to share their take: 

The Delights Heaven

"Modern wedding cakes these days are about ruffles, creative textures instead of smooth surfaces and bolder colours like metallics. Couples also prefer more creative sugar flowers, instead of the usual roses and peonies." -The Delights Heaven

Susucre. (Image: Her World Brides March 2015)

"Metallics are one of the biggest trends this year - from entirely metallic cakes to just a single tier or gleaming details. Brides love gold and silver on their wedding cakes, and copper shades are slowly coming into play as well. Ruffles have been quite big for some time, but now, they come in a variety of different and more creative shapes and forms. And in contrast to the statement sugar flowers of past seasons, couples now prefer sugar flowers to be more realistic and are combined with leaves, buds and greenery to compliment their real floral decorations." - Susucre

"It's summer now, so the colours are all about the vibrant hues but done in a subtle and elegant manner. Metallics are also in trend but are seen paired with pretty pastel colours like peach, soft pinks, blue and mint. Brides these days prefer lavish and modern chic cakes but yet which look timeless and uncluttered. " - Mad About Sucre

"This year, we see a lot of texture and 3D elements. Couples like to pair understated cakes with bold elements to make a statement." - Cherylshuen