Your venue is booked and you’ve got the dress, now it’s time to take care of everything else so that you look your absolute best on your big day. As we all know, looking good doesn’t come easy, so a degree of organization is required to avoid any last-minute problems.

It’s important while doing everything else to set aside time for hair, makeup, beauty treatments, and hair removal. Ideally, preparations should start at least a month before the wedding. Here’s a look at what brides-to-be should get on their beauty schedules to make sure they look their best on the big day.


One month before: Makeup trials

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Wedding beauty preparations should start around a month before the event (even longer for the more anxious or impatient types), with hair and makeup trials to avoid any last-minute problems on the big day.

Once the hair stylist and makeup artist has been booked, you need to find a look that goes well with the dress. Keep in mind your skin tone so that you don’t get too dark or too fair before the wedding and need to do another trial.

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One month before: Skincare



Another important step is prepping the face. Skin should be healthy and glowing on the big day. This requires deep skin cleansing to remove any imperfections. The only downside is that small spots can appear a few days after the treatment. One more reason to start preparations early!


Two weeks before: Relaxation


Make sure you take time out of the busy schedule to relax a little, otherwise the stress could very well show up on your face!

Head to the spa for a day and a little me-time and make sure it includes a trip to a steam room to relax and unwind, while also cleansing and purifying the skin. Then, try an exfoliating treatment to slough off dead skin cells and ease the tension in the body. Round things off with a full body massage to relieve all the stress built up over the last few months of wedding preparations.

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One week before: Final touch-ups


With a week to go before the big day, get the details down. Waxing should be done two to eight days before the ceremony to reduce the risk of red marks on sensitive skin. Eyebrows, legs, armpits and bikini line should all be done.


One week before: Nails


Hands and feet shouldn’t be neglected either, meaning a pedicure is required (to remove the dead skin cells) as well as French manicure, as the hands will be the centre of attention when it comes to exchanging the rings.


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