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1. Fairy lights (or Christmas lights)
It’s amazing how strings of tiny lights can dress up a venue instantly and effortlessly. And we didn’t need Christmas to tell us that. (See 7 magical ways for fairy lights to transform your venue.)

2. Flowers and plants
From pine cones to berries, willow branches and other seasonal blooms, these can be obtained easily at the nursery or supermarket, and put together as part of your simple centrepieces. Plus, if you’ve held parties or gatherings at your place, we’re guessing you must have had some on hand already. (See ideas for a Christmas wedding here.)

3. Glitter
Whether as confetti or part of your reception table decor, these help brighten up the place instantly.

4. Candles
If you’re the type who uses scented candles or tealights, they’re a great way to liven up the venue without needing much.

5. Baubles
Lest you write them off as obvious Christmassy ornaments, a little imagination can go a long way. Think a bunch on candle- or ornate stands, fill them with glitter or succulents, or put them together and hang them from the ceiling for dramatic effect.

6. Wishing trees
If you’ve got some lying around, you can turn these into your guest book. (See unique guest book ideas here.)

7. Crackers
These aren’t traditional, but you can find boxes of them sold at places like Marks & Spencer’s or the supermarket. Turn these into fun escort cards for your guests to pull. (See creative escort card and seating chart ideas here.)

8. Wreaths
Once you’re done with them, reuse them as your bridal chair decorations. (See other bridal chair decor ideas here.)