1) Have your parents share a piece of marriage advice during the ceremony – you might be surprised at what they have to say

5 special ways to add a personal touch to your wedding

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They’ve been through the real thing and know what it takes for a long-lasting marriage.

Create a special moment between you and your folks by having them share a piece of marriage advice before they send you off as someone’s life partner – be it in person during the wedding cermony or through a pre-recorded video screened during your wedding banquet.

Note: get ready for the wave of emotions that will hit you. 


2) First look moment

5 special ways to add a personal touch to your wedding

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While this may seem a little unorthodox, seeing your partner alone before the start of the ceremony can also be an incredibly intimate and romantic affair.

Steal a moment out ofyour hectic wedding day schedule and get a chance to fully absorb and enjoy the magnitude of the occasion together.

It will be a memory that is shared only between the both of you.


3) Family walk-in – make your own entourage

Consider having a special walk down the aisle with both your families hand-in-hand as a show of their support for your relationship.

A marriage is not just the coming together of 2 individuals but your families as well.Where else better than to start from the ceremony itself?

Plus, it would definitely be a precious additon to your wedding day photos.


4) Personal bridesmaid dresses – let your sisters shine in their own styles

5 special ways to add a personal touch to your wedding

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Instead of being troubled over finding the perfect (and elusive) one-size-fits-all bridesmaid dress design for your dearest girlfriends, you may consider having them pick out their own dresses after settling on a color scheme.

Having them wear something that’s wholly themselves during your big day will definitely make everyone feel more comfortable.

Discussions over what to wear will serve as a good bonding time as well.


5) Create a Facebook page for well-wishes

Having your own Instagram hashtag aside, Facebook can be a great way for your wedding guests to participate in your big day.

We know it is difficult to to interact with every single guest during the wedding.

Creating a public digital platform where your guests can post their well-wishes and photos makes for easy and accessible browsing to reminisce over the day.

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