3 tips to choosing your wedding stationery font

When creating your stationery, choosing the right typeface is already part of the job done. Consider these things when deciding on fonts.

The look of the lettering decides the feel of the stationery. Industry pros call this lettering a typeface, or a font when it's a family of typefaces. Fonts are divided into three groups - serif (each letter has a "tail" at the ends), sans serif (without tail), and script (a fancier or cursive type similar to calligraphy or handwritten script).

Serif of script fonts look elegant with their swirls and flourishes while sans serifs are sleeker and more modern.

An ornate script font gives a romantic vibe but it's hard to read unless it is large. Choose a suitable font that's legible at a practical size.

Most fonts have at least three weights to work with - light, regular and bold. You can use different font-weights to differentiate between names and body text, for instance, so there's more depth to the look of your stationery. Or, play with two different typefaces.

This article was first published in Her World Brides Dec 2011 - Feb 2012.

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