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You might think there’s nothing romantic about working out together with your partner – afterall exercise isn’t exactly the most glamorous or sexy thing to do on a date. However the time spent together sweating it out at the gym or even going for a run by the beach can be more beneficial to your relationship than you actually think. 


1. You’ll both be supporting each other constantly 

Just like how any couple needs mutual support in order for a relationship to work, exercising with one another brings out a healthy support system. Whether it’s matching your running pace with each other or helping him out with his crunches, there’s a sense of reliability being established. During the workout, bonds and connections are also strengthened. 

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2. It encourages camaraderie 

Once you start working out together, your time together spent doing another activities will also increase. Your partner will see you as the go-to person for other activities like rock climbing or getting a diver’s license. You won’t ever have to worry about your relationship being stagnant.


3. It is motivating to watch each other succeed 

It can be exciting to compete against each other for fun plus there is no pressure for win or lose. At times like these, you could always be the closest witness to each other’s improvement. Watching your loved one break a new track record is always an enjoyable affair.

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4. You’ll feel more confident of your body in his midst

Endorphins are usually produced in the brain and released during the process of working, which results in feelings of happiness and even , pleasure. You tend to feel strong, confident and sexy, now demonstrated in front of him. This can help to eliminate any feelings of jealousy that one might experience in a relationship. You will be likely to love your body instead of comparing yourself to others.


5. It enhances your sex life 

Just like how having sex can double up as exercise, you experience the same symptoms of physiological arousal while watching your partner working out – sweat, a racing pulse and vigorous body movements. Who’s to say working out together can’t also be a kind of aphrodisaic?

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This story was originally published in Shape.