Times have changed
Despite the calls for gender equality, certain things still remain gender-specific. The proposal for instance, is one of them. Instead of letting your man do the job, it’s up to you too, if you want to do it.

You get to choose your own ring!
Surprise him! You can get a ring for him, and have the ring you prefer designed at the same time.

You saw your dream flat and you want to buy it before it gets snapped up
So you’re both already talking about getting a flat, but he just hasn’t gotten around to proposing yet. Instead of waiting for him to do so (and risk losing your flat to another potential buyer), you can do it, too!

You’re both financially stable
You see no point in waiting, since you’re both ready for marriage.

All your friends are already engaged or married. Why wait?
While this is no real excuse, it doesn’t feel that great being the last one left on the shelf. Plus, if you don’t want to risk turning into that naggy, grumpy girlfriend who’s tired of waiting, it’s up to you to make that decision.