Salted Caramel Red Velvet & Speculoos Bonanza cake, from The Butter Studio. Photo: Her World Brides December 2014 – February 2015.

Depending on which version you believe, the tradition of wedding cakese first stemmed from ancient Rome, where bread was broken over the bride’s head for good luck. In England, the couple who successfully kissed over a towering confection were guaranteed to enjoy a prosperous life and marriage together. Regardless, the cake as we know today, has evolved to become a centrepiece in itself, and the cake ceremony, a symbolic gesture.

If we follow the tradition of sharing a kiss above a wedding cake and and cutting it (a more civilized version of breaking the bread over the brides head) for good luck and wishes, why would we do that with a fake cake?

Here are other reasons why a real wedding cake for your big day, is simply better.

1. You save on dessert
Unless you’re having a 10-course Chinese dinner (where Chinese desserts like yam paste or mango sago are included in the menu), there is no point in serving a platter of cakes (or cupcakes) at the dessert table when you can simply offer guests a slice from your wedding cake.

2. It’s tradition! And a very tasty one at that
Even if you’re not big on wedding traditions, the wedding cake, is probably one you can get on board with. The feeding of the cake to one another also symbolises your commitment to providing for one another. Plus, think of all the fun cake tastings you’ll get to go to!

3. You get to relive your big day over again when you’re eating your anniversary tier
Some hotels provide an anniversary cake a year after your wedding reception, but it’s not the same when you’re savouring the very same one after painstakingly preserving it. Having the same cake also represents (once again) your commitment to one another, and the path you’ve taken to get to your first year. You can’t really get that with a fake cake.

4. You’ll get real good luck and wishes (fingers crossed!) with a real cake
According to tradition, there are several lores. The ancient Romans believe that breaking cake over a bride’s head will ensure fertility, while guests who partake in the cake, will enjoy the couple’s good luck. Couples who eat their cake a year later on their anniversary, is also said to be able to enjoy blessings and luck.

We also caught up with Shannon Lua from Butter Studio, who shared tips on the process of choosing your own cake, making it special, and more.