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Why hotel weddings are great for modern couples and their guests

If you're undecided between having a hotel celebration or an alternative wedding, here's why the former can be a better option for you.

Parkroyal on Beach Road, Grand Ballroom


#1 Comfort + Service

An outdoor wedding or rooftop wedding might look fantastic in pictures, but let's be realists. Our sweltering tropical climate can be really uncomfortable for your guests. It's hard to enjoy the party with trickles of sweat running down your back or forehead. Banquet weddings, on the other hand, offer air-conditioning, plush, well-furnished surrounding and available parking lots (your guests will thank you). Beyond that, many hotels have an events or wedding team and more often than not, promise a certain level of quality. 


#2 Fab perks

"Cafe weddings are pretty but I don't get a bridal suite,"a friend once told me. And she's right, you know. Hotels often offer plenty of benefits, like an additional night's stay in the bridal suite, dining vouchers, a bottle of house wine per table and so on. Some hotels even offer discounts for hotels under the same chain in other countries - more savings for your honeymoon! 

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#3 Customisable experience

Not all alternative venues come with a choice of wedding settings or a wedding team, while most hotels do. You'll also be surprised by the many gorgeous wedding setups hotels offer these days - from whimsical gardens to lavish settings. Not only that, you get to decide the setting and layout, and whether you want round or rectangular tables. 


#4 Food + rentals 

Certain alternative venues don't offer food, so you'll have to cater your own. The result? Probably a buffet with food that isn't served straight-from-the-kitchen fresh. Aside from that, you'll also have to rent tables, chairs and serviceware drive up the costs too - not the case with a hotel wedding, of which these are already provided. 

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#5 Unique venues

But hotels are boring, you say. Not quite so. Hotels are increasingly opening spaces that appeal to trendy couples seeking fresh experiences. From elegant marquees (the Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore) within a lush garden setting to solemnisations by a waterfall (Sheraton Towers Singapore), you'll be surprised at the versatility of having a hotel wedding.