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“I’m not into grand gestures or declaring your love in front of hundreds of people. Something intimate and thoughtful would be better – one that reflects the both of us as a couple. Take notes from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.” – Diana, 25, digital content specialist 


“When my fiance and I started talking about marriage, and a proposal was on the cards, I knew I wanted it to be a private affair. That is, just the two of us, without any big parties or surprises from family and friends. I also wanted him to seek my parents’ blessings before proposing, which was important to me. When he finally popped the question last year (in 2017), he did just that. And obviously, I said yes!” – Felicia Tan, 30, assistant marketing manager


“I would prefer somewhere quiet, with just the both of us.” – Gabriella Kow, 27, graphic designer


“Sincerity is the most important to me. It’s not about the ring or getting down on one bent knee – it’s about how the guy shows that he really wants you in his life. A big grand proposal isn’t a must.”– Ann Tan, 27, operations executive



“I hate outdoor or public proposals. A dinner at home, flowers on the table… and maybe reciting of poetry or a few lines from a Michael Buble song. After the proposal, we take a walk outside at night. It can be the jetty or a park. Perfect.” – Courtney Goh, 28 




“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event so it’s important that the guy ask my parents (for my hand in marriage). I don’t need a crazy expensive ring but I do like surprises! Just not when I’m dressed in just my PJs or a ratty t-shirt and shorts haha. A video to remember the event by would also be nice.” – Jasmine Lim, 26


“I think my ideal proposal is somewhere private. No getting down on one knee in a place where people are gawking or I’ll say no on the spot. I don’t have any specifics aside from that, but don’t ask me about a HDB flat either. Ask properly.” – Fionn Lee, freelance designer, 29


“Something authentic and sincere. And include something that only both of us can relate to (like an inside joke!). Nothing fancy.” – Letty Seah, writer



“My ultimate fantasy is a proposal in front of the Eiffel Tower with just the two of us, and a romantic dinner. Where else to be proposed to than the City of Love, right?” – Sandy Tan, 31, marketing manager


“I would definitely want my close friends and family around. I don’t mind a quiet spot or even a romantic restaurant but just not somewhere really public.” – Liyana Khalis, 28, editorial support


So fellas, the key takeaway here? Keep it personal and special to the both of you! Of course, this varies depending on each individual (hint: ask her friends!). And if you’re out of ideas, these Singapore companies help plan the perfect proposal for you