This article isn’t going to introduce a magical one-step journey that will give you clear skin within 5 minutes. We all know that there is no such thing as an instant cure. However, these easy steps are simple enough to be incorporated into your daily routine. Make the following tweaks and you’ll notice a difference in your skin. It’ll change your life- we promise!

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#1 Cut out junk food

All the chemicals and additives in your burger, fries and ice cream definitely can’t be good for your skin. Avoid eating at fast food restaurants and don’t fill your kitchen shelves up with chips and candies. Instead, nourish your skin from the inside by having wholesome fresh fruits, steamed vegetables and lean meat. Reduce your cravings by cutting out sugary foods. Leading a healthy lifestyle is easier than you. 


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#2 Hydrate yourself 

How does your throat feel when thirsty? Parched and dry. That’s exactly how your skin feels when you forget to hydrate yourself throughout the day. Keeping up with your daily water intake will make your skin glow and give you a lifted appearance as the water will moisturise and plump your skin cells.

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#3 Break a sweat

Now that you’ve made it a point to treat your skin from the inside, further enhance your skin clearing routine by flushing out the toxins from your pores. A jog or a simple HIIT exercise at home could get your heart rate up and make you sweat. Just be sure to wash all the sweat and gunk off your face later. You’ll wipe down to see a radiant, glowing face.


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#4 Double cleanse with oil

Add in a quick oil massage before reaching out for your facial cleanser. This additional step increases the circulation in your face as your massage your face with oil. The oil additionally acts as the first step of cleansing as its thick consistency removes all the makeup, dirt and particles that your face wash can’t. Trust us on this one – it works wonders!


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#5 Use a salicylic acid-based facial wash

Salicylic acid helps to diminish the appearance of acne scars and works excellently to prevent future breakouts by killing germs. This is why salicylic acid based cleansers are always a celebrity favourite.

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#6 Moisturise religiously

Washing your face causes most of the oils on your face to be cleansed away by your facial wash. Immediately rehydrate your skin with moisturiser, or you might have dry and patchy skin that will only cause your skin to produce oil in excess. This excess oil could – gasp – cause more breakouts.


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#7 Make your own face mask

Commercially bought face masks often have loads of chemicals with complicated ingredients. We don’t even know what half of them are! Most of them also have alcohol which drys your skin out. Instead, reach out for natural products that you know are great for your skin. Make a cucumber and tomato mask for a boost of collagen to plump your skin. Or add some turmeric in yoghurt for an acne busting mask that will leave breakouts at bay.

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#8 Get 8 hours of sleep

Getting sleep allows your skin to hydrate and regenerate itself. Yes, your body has the power to heal your acne or scars- you just have to give it time to rest. This is the simplest trick in the book and the results will amaze you. Your eye bags will become a thing of the past too!


#9 Massage your acne scars with coconut oil

Massage your skin with coconut oil twice a day and it’ll improve the appearance of your blemishes. This method promotes blood flow and coconut oil ensures the speedy recovery of your damaged skin cells.

This article originally appeared in Shape Singapore