Flower arrangement, Fiore Dorato. Photo: Her World Brides December 2012

Less tables
Some hotels are now proposing long rectangular tables for wedding receptions and celebrations instead of the usual round tables. The longer tables can seat up to 10-15 people on one side instead of just 10 per round table.  Wit longer tables, you can have fewer floral centerpieces – maybe even just one per table if it’s a long arrangement that can stretch the length of the table.  This will help you save in flowers and decor.

Photo: Her World Brides March 2014

Dessert tables
More couples are creating their own dessert tables;  it may take a bit more effort and creativity, but you can save quite a bit by cutting out the dessert element from your wedding menu.

Clara & Lawrence’s wedding at Sky Garden, Photo: Her World Brides December 2015

Wedding arches
Everyone loves a wedding arch; every couples love to have their soleminisation beneath a pretty arch, or to make their entrance to their wedding walking through one. If you want something pretty and simple, you can actually go to www.taobao.com and order a plastic arc (which you can assemble yourself in 10 minutes) and plastic flowers or colourful balloons (you can also get the flowers and balloons at Daiso) to dress it up. Everything may cost below $100!

Channel News Asia’s Glenda Chong shares an intimate moment with her husband, advocate and solicitor, Justin Chan, at their first wedding dance. Photo: Her World Brides December 2014

The first dance
More couples are taking up dance classes for their first dance; there have also been couples who actually perform a whole dance routine at their celebrations! Unless you’re already an avid dancer, there’s really no need to have formal lessons just for your first dance; it would be a lot more fun and spontaneous if the couple just did what comes naturally on the dance floor instead of counting their steps and looking stiff going through practiced movements. Its the feeling of the moment that truly matters, not how great your steps are!

The versatile wedding dress
International brands like Oscar de la Renta, as well as local designers like Dang Bridal, are creating versatile wedding dresses with detachable skirts, sleeves and even trains. Depending on what you attach, or detach, these designs can transform from a sweet and short lacy sheath to a glamorous ballgown! Add in some colour and sparkly details and you can easily wear the same outfit for your day ceremony and evening celebrations. One dress for every wedding occasion!

The delicious vanilla naked sponge cake with columbian roses at our cover shoot with former MTV VJs May and Choy. Photo: Her World Brides March 2014

Real wedding cake
Instead of having a fake cake, then serving dessert to guests, couples these days are opting to serve guests real cake, which helps save on having an additional course, or dessert table. Another trend: smaller confections instead of elaborate multi-tiered cakes coated in fondant or buttercream. Instead of partaking in the cake with the couple, guests are offered sweets from the dessert table, cupcakes, or sheet cake that’s cut behind the scenes. Having a smaller cake with less decorations, means less work for the baker, and in turn, lower rates. 

Candles and fairy lights
These help give weddings a magical and rustic vibe, and when placed strategically (read: you don’t need too many of them lining the place), they illuminate the venue beautifully. The best part: they’re cheaper than placing bunches of flowers everywhere, especially if you know where to look. You can look to places like Ikea or Typo, for pocket-friendly lights or paper lanterns for your decorations. Scented tea lights or candles (place them in tall glass vessels for fire safety) also add fragrance to your venue – just pick your fave scent.