Wedding fonts
It’s not hard to select a font that looks good and goes well with your theme, especially with the variety available on free websites like these days.

If you’re having your celebrations in a hotel, your invitations – a majority of them – will be covered. You can even see if you can get all 100 per cent of the cards covered if you feel there are things in the package you don’t need and want to exchange. Take note that for hotel invitations, printing isn’t covered, though. 

Save-the-date cards, menus, wedding programmes, thank you cards and other stationery
With the amount of free printables available on wedding websites and blogs, there really is no excuse for you to pay for a design. Simply download, customise, and print.

Seating chart template and checklists
This may sound like a no-brainer, especially since there are plenty of these online (if you know what to look for, and where to search). Don’t pay for any templates that claim to help make your wedding so much easier. You can do that for free.

From WordPress to Wix, you’ve got a fair bit of variety when it comes to selecting a domain for your own site. After all, you don’t really need a customised url that reads, right? See also the things you have to include in your wedding website, and why it’s important to have one.

Solemnisation venue
These days, intimate solemnisations held separately from receptions, are preferred. And, if you’re really looking to go budget, you can choose to hold it in these places for free: at home, the beach, or a park or reservoir. You’ll have to seek permission for the last two though.

The dessert table
Okay, so this one isn’t strictly an essential, but since it’s been so popular with weddings these days, we thought you might want to know this. It’s not difficult to DIY your dessert table. Even better: if you’ve got relatives who’re adept in making sweet treats, you can ask if they’re willing to contribute a cake, tart, or sweet to the table in lieu of gifts.