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1. How do brides find their signature scent for their wedding?
Some brides prefer fragrances that reminds them of their love story; others prefer something that’s elevats or enhances a mood. There are also brides that choose to wear their fiance’s favourite. 

2. How can brides choose/customise a perfume they can really enjoy?
It would be good if the bride can articulate the stories/emotions/memories they would like to be bottled in their personal scent.

3. How do you determine whether a fragrance suits you at first try or not? What’s the correct way to try a fragrance?
There is no absolute way/method to determine whether a fragrance suits you perfectly. But you can tell what people prefer when you see their eyes gleaming with joy and fulfilment when they smell a particular fragrance, a scent they love. 

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4. What should brides bring to their first fragrance appointment?
Fragrances they love, including personal or body care products like shampoo, body wash, lotions, skin care products.  Also a one page picture collage of anything and everything they love or dream about – that would be insightful. 

5. Any tips to having your fragrance last the entire day?
A well-crafted perfume should be long-lasting. However, that also depends on how the perfume reacts with the wearer’s skin. For the same perfume, some will say it lasts, some say otherwise. 

A good tip is to spray perfume on your hair as hair holds scents well. However, do be mindful of the alcohol in perfumes that can potentially damage the scalp and follicles overtime. 

6. What’s the process to customising fragrances like, and how long does it take?
The process takes about three months, depending on how complex the brief is. The first couple of meetings would be spent on understanding your story and requirements. The next few meetings helps us evaluate the candidates, revise the fragrance based on feedback, shortlist and fine tuning the selected ones. 

7. What’s the best, funniest, as well as strangest perfume request you’ve received?
I once had a request for a durian scented perfume, and it was meant for a prank. Recently I had a motorhead who wanted me to create a burnout rubber perfume for him. 

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