With everything else involved in planning a wedding, flowers may often be overlooked in their importance. Narrowing down to your choice of blooms, florist, color themes and even bouquet style can seem daunting.

We’ve outlined some basic but nifty tips on what you should know about wedding flowers just to get you started. 


1. Confirm your dress, venue, and type of wedding celebration

See above: To complement a soft, laced romantic look, pick out vibrant or pastel-hued, feminine blooms to create a mid-sized bouquet that’s not too overwhelming in its details. 

As with all clothing and accessories, the style and shape of your wedding dress have a huge part in the type of flowers you choose.

Imagine having settled for a flowing bouquet of wildflowers but falling in love with a sleek, modern gown – will you be able to walk away from the dress just because you went to first settle on the flowers?

Same goes for picking out your venue and type of celebration. Instead of determining a theme around your choice of blooms, it would be easier to suit the blooms to the wedding theme and venue. 


2. Get the color right 

If you’re keen on an all-white bouquet, make sure it comes in a similar shade to your wedding dress for a perfect match.

Or if your bridesmaid dresses are in a delicate hue of periwinkle blue, ensure that the accompanying bouquets are similarly toned – the wrong shade of purple would clash against the pale blue. 


3) The bigger the bloom, the fewer you’ll need 


Red peonies bouquet #lavenderloveflorist

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The basic theory here is: stretch your budget by getting bigger blooms. You will need less flowers to fill up the same amount of bouquet space.

Add in some strategically placed greenery and you’re all set. 


4) Reuse the ceremony flowers 

Consider extending the lifespan of your ceremony flowers (church, solemnisation etc) by reusing them!

You can shift and repurpose them as table centrepieces, decor at reception entrances or any other area you are planning to decorate. 


5) Seasonal blooms 


Aren’t we glad to be back in peony season! #wemakefloralmagic

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Get more bang for your buck when you pick blooms that are in season. Find out which ones are in season at different parts of the year, here


6) DIY can be daunting

Many brides have experienced this. They decide they’ll do up the flowers themselves – afterall, its just a trip down to the wholesale florists and arranging them in a quick minute right?

When its the day before your wedding however, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer amount of last-minute things to take care of and be left scrambling to get your flowers done.

We would recommend you to avoid this nightmarish scenario and hire a florist for all your flower arrangements. 


7) Let your florist work their magic 


photo (from left to right): @theflowerlibrary and @helloflowerssg

There is no right or wrong when it comes to your choice of blooms.

Rather than sticking to a list of absolute must-haves, it would be better to remain open to suggestions from your florist.

Most importantly, each bouquet should reflect your personal preferences and personality.

From moody, alluring reds to romantic pastels to vibrant, cheery shades of orange, leave it to your florist to best decide the bouquet that would best fit you and your wedding theme. 


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