Don’t be that couple who leaves their guests unhappy with their inconsiderate manners and preparations! Here, 5 wedding etiquette mistakes to avoid: 


1. Don’t retract your wedding invite.

This actually happened to someone I know.

Imagine this: you’ve RSVP-ed 6 months before, prepared your banquet outfit and got your nails done; only to be told by the couple a week before the wedding that they are (somehow) unable to fit you in.

“The table you were supposed to be in got filled up, and we don’t know where else to put you so how about we meet up for coffee another day instead?” – is definitely NOT the way to handle this.


2. Allow plus ones

While there’s a general rule of thumb that the plus ones of your close family and friends should be invited, it will be nice to leave the option open for other guests as well, especially for guests who won’t really know anyone else at the your wedding.

Attending a wedding alone can be rather daunting!


3. Don’t forget to take care of your bridal party

Your friends are breaking their backs and disrupting their rest so that your day can run smoothly so don’t forget to take care of them!

Be it preparing a personalised gift for each of them, or ensuring there’s breakfast provided before the gate-crash ceremony; there are plenty of ways you can let them know how much you appreciate their help.


4. Don’t leave your guests waiting  

Even if you are the VIP of the day, it is still rude to keep so many people waiting, especially when they are already taking major time out of their day to be at your wedding.

If you know you are going to overrun, then you should be flexible about the schedule and cut something else out so that your celebration would still end on time.


5. Have additional seats on stand-by, don’t crowd a table

Expect the unexpected – and this includes uninvited wedding guests.

Hotel banquets usually have an extra table for such situations, but if your wedding is held in an alternative venue like a restaurant or bar, it is on you to ensure that there are spare chairs and makeshift spaces available.